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Content Marketing KPIs & Metrics: 15 Important Considerations

Marketers are working harder to measure content marketing success at various touchpoints throughout the customer journey that are crucial of any content marketing program, strategy, and/or tactic.

Whether you’re setting metrics & KPIs for brand's goals, transactional goals, or something more complex, it’s important to think carefully before making them a central part of your measurement strategy.

These tips should help you get the most out of your content marketing program efforts:

1. Map Specific Business Goals To Content KPIs & Metrics
2. Be Fluid In Establishing Content KPIs & Metrics
3. Connect On-Site & Off-Site Metrics
4. Be Creative
5. Take Action
6. Use Common Sense
7. Examine Macro Trends & Small Data
8. Create Content Marketing ‘Events’
9. View People As People, Not Data
10. Use The Best Analytics Tool: Your Brain
11. Use Avinash Kaushik’s 10/90 Rule
12. Share Your Content Insights With Your Organization
13. Don’t Chase The Wrong Metrics & KPIs
14. Avoid Over-Obsessing About A Single Data Point
15. Don’t Hold Branding & Direct-Response Goals To The Same Standards

Ready the full article by Rob Garner on +Search Engine Journal

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7 Changes That Google Wants You To Make in 2017 For Better SEO Ranking
1. Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)
2. Switch to HTTPS (SSL Certificates)
3. Improve Website Loading Time
4. Remove Popups in Mobile Devices
5. Write Longer In-Depth Contents
6. User Experience and Engagement
7. Write Fresh Articles, Consistently

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SEO Trends 2017:
42 Experts on the Future of SEO

Ask 42 SEO experts what the big trends will be in #2017, and well, we get 42 different answers!

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Your Website Body Text Maybe Too Small

When we're designing a responsive website, we tend to forget that font size not only for people using handhelds, but people using larger devices such as laptops and desktop computers, and yes, smart TVs.

To make a case for why website body text should be bigger, and ways to optimize it, please read the full article via a link below:

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Top Ten Ways to Leverage Social Proof for Online Sales

Making a purchase could be quite a process. That’s why sales tactics that focus on pushing for a decision right away typically make potential buyers reluctant to buy or abandon the cart. Free trial offer or money-back guarantees will help improve the buyer's buy-in and increase a chance that they share with their friends and resulting in social proof.

Read the full article by David Hoos here:

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10 big changes with search engines over the last 20 years

+Search Engine Land founding editor +Danny Sullivan looks at how search has evolved over the two past two decades.

Read the full article:

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Best Call-to-Action Copy to Boost Conversions

Writing effective Call-to-Action (CTA) copy has a significant impact on website conversion rates. Whether you’re aiming to grow online sales, gain more prospective leads, or boost email subscribers, CTAs play a vital role in the conversion and click rates. CTAs help you guide the audience from being a visitor to becoming a lead to ultimately making a sale.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for writing effective CTA copy—it’s all about testing different content, tones and language styles, gauging, monitoring metrics and determining what’s best for your business. And it’s not only the wording and phrasing that will have an impact. It’s equally important to be strategic about the placement of your CTAs on your website; they should live in an easily visible area of your website using buttons that are brightly colored and eye-catching.

This infographic is a compilation of various phrases, words and templates that can be used to create attention grabbing CTAs for your site. This handy guide can be applied to a wide variety of industries and altered slightly depending on the service, solution and product that’s being offered.

Credits: TechWyse

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From All of Us at SodaPop Media, LLC

#MerryChristmas #HappyNewYear

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Why Everyone Should be Moving to the New HTTP/2

A Google spokesperson recently revealed that GoogleBot will soon support HTTP/2. Columnist Patrick Stox explains what this is and what it means for SEOs.

Read the full article to learn more about HTTP2 and its benefits:


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Bing finally releases their mobile friendly testing tool.

We tested our website on it and it passed all the tests!

To learn more about their release:

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