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Together we can make a better world
Together we can make a better world

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Humankind is currently on the cusp of profound changes which one way or another, will soon see a massive transformation occur that redefines what it means to be alive on planet Earth.

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I’ve always hated work.

By work, I mean the mundane, repetitive act of getting up before I’m ready, travelling to some office/warehouse/retail outlet, and wasting hours of my life performing menial tasks just so that I can eat and put a roof over my head.

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The robots are on the way in and our jobs are on the way out. 

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Change is afoot, by consequence or by choice.

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The eight wealthiest men on our planet combined possess as much wealth as half the global population.

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The Earth is not the heat engine in climate change, the sun is.

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Look beyond the narrative.

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Why I advocate for fundamental social change.

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The much anticipated "Jacque Fresco - 100 Years of Vision" exhibition will be hosted at The Baker Museum in Naples, Florida between November 19th, 2016 through April 16th, 2017!

This six-month exhibit will honor Jacque Fresco and his more than 80-years of work towards improving the human condition. A Resource-Based Economy is the culmination of Mr. Fresco's work and is designed as a holistic global society that proclaims Earth and its resources as the common heritage of all humans.

On display will be many of his ideas, which include drawings, models and many of his inventions. For more information, check out the link!

#thevenusproject #tvp #rbe #JacqueFresco

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