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What do you think - is it worth upgrading to Linkedin Premium?
You already use LinkedIn to network with like-minded professionals.  You take advantage of this professional social network to keep up to date with industry news and to follow your favorite companies.  You might even leverageLinkedIn for your B2B social media marketing and use it as a free tool to help you generateleads.  This leads us
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2. Use your social sites – in particular Facebook and Twitter – to build backlinks to your website. Google and Bing track publicly shared links from Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to push your blog posts to Facebook and Twitter with links back to your website.
Social media marketing and SEO no longer exist as completely separate entities.  These days they must work together to give your website a boost in ranking and traffic.  While search engine optimisation is not dead as we know it, the socialisation of search is definitely upon us.  Your social networks now have a direct influence
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Respond and acknowledge any negative comments, tweets or post
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3. Creating a clear social media strategy is key to your success online. Create a game plan on the macro and micro level. This will help you create consistency in your overall brand message while creating a strategy to post and interact with your community on a consistent, daily basis. Social media management agencies are a great help when it comes to developing and implementing a social strategy
Facebook for business owners can often feel overwhelming.  However, when you get down to the bare bones of social media marketing, there are many similarities to traditional marketing and advertising.  One of the biggest factors in whether your time devoted to social networks will pay off is the act of being consistent.  Here are a
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Have you used facebook or other social media sites effectively for recruiting?
Facebook for Recruitment – A Social Media Primer for Employers Does your company use social media for recruiting?  If not, its probably time you rethink your recruiting strategy.  According to a survey conducted by Hire Rabbit, 48% of all job seekers were using social networking as a way to reach out to potential employers.  And
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Never put an intern or entry-level employee (Or for that matter, a more experienced employee with no understanding of social media) in charge of your social marketing.

If you wouldn't trust someone to write a headline for a major newspaper or publication, why would you trust them representing your business in the worlds biggest database?

Always amazes me how many business owners completely abdicate responsibly for their businesses messages when it comes to social media.
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Save time by repurposing and recycling brand content across all social networks. Most people will have a preference on which site they prefer. You can make it easy or you can make it hard! It would be amazing to have the time and resources to deliver unique everything on various channels, but the reality is most small businesses are limited with the time and budget they have to spend.
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WEEKLY ACTION: do some research into Instagram and see what companies are doing it successfully. Here’s a tip: many business owners simply post as themselves 80% value ad and personality with a 20% product and service pitch.

Companies in the states are kicking serious beef on Instagram and those savvy Aussies already on it are getting excellent results with little competition right now.

Share your Instagram account, we'd love to take a look :)
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1. Before developing and implementing any social photo strategy, you must understand your target audience. This might seem like a given but it is often overlooked. The real key to this tip is that you need to know what kind of photos will tap into the emotions of your audience. Remember, your goal is to get a reaction that leads to an action.
Engage and grow your social media audience with images.  If you are not following that advice, then you need to reconsider your social media marketing strategy.  When it comes to social actions like sharing, liking, and commenting; photos rule.  Look at the amazing growth of social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.  The popularity of these
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WEEKLY ACTION: do you actually write your social media marketing into a plan? If not, now's the week to start! Planning your content and spending some time thinking about your companies goals and reasons for being on social are great steps to success and of course if you need help clarifying what on earth you are doing dont hesitate to ask - we are here to help :)
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Perform A/B testing with Facebook Link Posts. Include the photo in some and exclude the photo in others. Then simply check Facebook Insights to see which perform better.
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WEEKLY ACTION : Do a quick review of your blog posting tags. This will help people to find you on the interwebs. Make sure you include your company name and the names of key staff, founders, etc as well as the relevant content tags - This will help with google rankings so you can be sure when anyone searches for you, your company or does a check on key people in your organisation you are all over it!
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Socialface manages your social media and community engagement. You get your time back to do what YOU do best. Deal? Check us out
Facebook and updating your socialmedia platforms can really zap your time and be a headache for time management, let us help you increase your productivity by managing your social networking.

socialface is a conversation agency that will work with you to build a coversation framework, creating posts to engage your customers in educational, entertaining (if required), interesting and interactive dialogue.

As your fans engage, qualified leads for your business will be spotted and fed back into your sales pipeline.

Socialface Features:
• Daily Page Management
• Dialogue Design
• Conversation and Connection Management
• Page engagement score
• Monthly Reporting
– Incl. Page likes, engagement score, Demographic statistics,
• Working with you driving towards your 90 day business goals
• Driven by business people for business people who want results

Your page has an engagement score, the lower the score, the less interesting facebook thinks you are. socialface works with you to increase your score and works to get your messages featured in the main news stream of your fans where 90% of the connection happens.

Miss the stream and your message is lost, it's that simple.

Socialface Benefits:
• Avoid the facebook / social blackhole
• Increased internal productivity
• Save time
• Save money
• Increase results
• Decrease distractions
• Increase your ROI on your facebook efforts
• Monthly Recommendations to improve your page
• Posts designed for you to drive results
• Increased connectivity
• Grow your fan base
• Get the facebook noise filtered
• Educated talkers, talking to the people following your business
• Posts designed by high level sales, marketing and business brains who get it
• Potential lead generation
• Potential Brand exposure
• Potential increase in sales
• Adaptability to change and move posts to better outcomes in real time
• Working with mature people who know words
socialface will work with you to make your words work
• Leverage your time through engaging social talkers
• Nastiness management – we will remove and block inappropriate posts and mange the dialogue providing feedback to your business, so you know what people are saying about you.
• Increased brain power - Time share senior business minds who have sat in executive and board positions, who know what it takes to run successful businesses, sales and marketing campaigns and get results – for a fraction of the full time investment.
• Confidence. socialface operates within a defined risk management policy.

We have a range of options to suit all businesses and know that we can help you make sure that your business is looking great and getting results on facebook, Google + or your network of choice.
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