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Socialface manages your social media and community engagement. You get your time back to do what YOU do best. Deal? Check us out
Socialface manages your social media and community engagement. You get your time back to do what YOU do best. Deal? Check us out
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While most people know that social media is a big deal in content marketing, not everyone understands how social media affects organic search results. And understandably so: the topic isn’t exactly cut-and-dry. The fact of the matter is that, while social media is an important ranking factor for search results, it’s likely that the process doesn’t work exactly the way you think it does.

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"I decided to not add my email accounts to my phone.
You heard me, it’s 2015, and I’ve decided that if you email me, I’ll get back to you when I’m at my computer – working.
Why on earth did you do that!!?? You may well ask.
Before making such an outrageous move, I thought about it long and hard, and several reasons for trialling this notion came to mind.
1. No emergencies happen over email
That’s right, they don’t.

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Social media is how we connect with each other in this day and age. It's how we know when an event is happening. Hell, it's how we know it's our cousin's birthday. It also doesn't hurt that every Like feels like a personal validation.
But do we really need Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the rest? Or are we just used to opening the apps when we are bored?
Watch as Lucie says goodbye to all of her social media accounts for five days for some quality offline time.

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The future seems like an appropriate theme this week. You see, this is my penultimate So Social. After almost 11 years at the Tribune and about 4 1/2 writing the column, I'm off to a new adventure in New York.
No one knows what the future holds. Doc Brown told Marty that people shouldn't know too much about their destiny. True and true. But as social media continues to mature, making an informed guess about what to expect won't hurt anyone — and in fact, it can help you create a strategy, whether you are just trying to gain a few more followers or if your job depends on it.

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What have you shared on social media today? Did you comment on last night’s election results; mention that you’re going to the gym later; sympathise with a friend who’s been in the hospital; describe your meal at a favourite burger joint, or display pictures of your daughter’s jazz dance recital?
And what do those post reveal about your health and your risk for serious medical conditions?

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2. Where is your audience?
Determine which social networks your customers use. Even ask some existing customers. Match your customer base to the most compatible social media networks. Then research the networks and learn about the best times to post, the most popular posts, and the cost of ads on each network.

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1. Content distribution
Hopefully, you’re already engaged in a content-marketing strategy. If not, you need to start -- because one of social media’s most powerful roles is as an outlet for promoting your published material.
Whenever you publish a new post, use your social media channels to boost that post to the public. This will do a number of things for your brand: You’ll attract more initial traffic to your post, achieve more visibility (especially if that post is shared) and encourage more customer loyalty (especially with consistent updates), all of which can help improve your SEO. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes once your post is live.

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"In Spredfast’s Smart Social Report, the company took a look at social performance by vertical. Spredfast noted that businesses can look to sports leagues and teams to lead the way when it comes to embracing a cross-platform approach."

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“There’s this mysterious fear around analytics when really it’s not that fucking complex,” Lund added.
“Facebook and Instagram and Twitter insights – it’s really basic, it’s basic maths. You only have to go onto your own Facebook brand page and you can see the audience targeting you want, the breakdown of the regions, the ages, the genders, and that’s powerful."

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A Medibank spokesman kindly emailed Dr Mumbo to explain how the internet works:
“When used in social media, hashtags are public in nature. Unfortunately, brands cannot own or manage how and when they are used. We apologise to any of our members or social media followers who may have been adversely affected by this activity.”
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