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3. Make it a Habit

If you wish to succeed at getting in or staying in shape, you must develop a habit of regular exercise and eating well on a daily basis. Keeping your Facebook for business page in shape also requires developing a habit. Consistency is key when it comes to healthy social media engagement. Having your Facebook fans involved in the conversation improves your EdgeRank and helps get your brand’s message in front of more of its fans.
Your brand has thousands of Facebook fans and even more Twitter followers. That is great. Well, actually it may not be that great after all. You see, it really doesn’t matter if you have thousands of social media users who are a part of your online community if you aren’t engaging with them in a
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1. There might just be as many creative ways to use Twitter advertising as there are SMEs in Australia. To get your creative juices flowing before you start using Twitter’s promoted products, I would suggest you go ahead and read through the social network’s successful case studies. There is bound to be a case study that you could replicate or that sparks an idea of your own.
Is Twitter advertising right for your business? Small businesses using social media in Australia can benefit from advertising on Twitter. But before you start spending your hard earned money promoting your tweets, I recommend you take the time to learn as much as you can about this social marketing strategy. In fact, I’ll go ahead
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1. One of the biggest hurdles you will most likely face when you are trying to convince your boss that social media is an important addition to business operations will come in the form of a question. “This sounds wonderful but what will be our return on investment?” The best way to address the ROI hurdle is to shift the discussion towards the importance of value generation and co-creation. ROI will be clear when you view social media marketing from a big-picture point of view.
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2. Leave a Message

A nice feature of Timeline most social media management folks I know recommend to businesses is the message feature. Brands can enable messages and – like personal profiles – people can send you a private message. Obviously, in the world of social networks, you don’t want to use private messages exclusively when communicating with fans. This can, however, be a useful tool for handling customer services issue or when a fan doesn’t want their question broadcasted out to all of Facebook.
Facebook for business Timeline pages continue to confuse some brands. Even those businesses that think they are utilising their timeline properly in their online social marketing strategy, may not be maximising their roi and getting the most from their social networking efforts. In the first instalment of this guide to setting up your Timeline page, we discussed
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3. Besides traffic generation and SEO, the value of social media also shines through in customer service. Many small businesses utilise Twitter and Facebook as a first point of contact with a customer who has a question about or a problem with their products and services.

Using social media as a customer service tool can cut down on costs and speed up the time it takes to answer a question or solve a problem. And when you treat your customers well and take care of issues immediately, the news will spread fast on social networking sites giving you an added marketing benefit.
What is the value of social media to small and medium-sized businesses? How does a company measure social media marketing ROI? Can your business justify hiring a social media management agency? You might be surprised how many different ways there are to answer these questions and how many ways there are to determine the indirect
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Have realistic expectations for your social media ROI. Valuable relationships are not developed overnight..
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WEEKLY ACTION: publish new content on your blog and if you don't already have a monthly writing and publishing schedule for this create one and implement it! Google loves fresh content so it will help with your ranking and don't forget your tags with your company name and key personnel included!
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We love helping businesses get started on social media... some are still coming around to the benefit. Better late than never right :)
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Don’t hide behind your logo. Introduce your staff and owners to your social community (share behind the scenes photos - be creative and fun)
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WEEKLY ACTION: Always remember social media marketing is stealth not fluorescent lighting. Its all about building genuine relationships, creating a human connection to your brand and THEN offering the opportunity to actually do business in a natural and easy going way whilst still providing great value content and a great brand experience regardless. It's a bit like dating. You don't just let it all rip in one the first one... ;)
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What IS social media used for?
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Socialface manages your social media and community engagement. You get your time back to do what YOU do best. Deal? Check us out
Facebook and updating your socialmedia platforms can really zap your time and be a headache for time management, let us help you increase your productivity by managing your social networking.

socialface is a conversation agency that will work with you to build a coversation framework, creating posts to engage your customers in educational, entertaining (if required), interesting and interactive dialogue.

As your fans engage, qualified leads for your business will be spotted and fed back into your sales pipeline.

Socialface Features:
• Daily Page Management
• Dialogue Design
• Conversation and Connection Management
• Page engagement score
• Monthly Reporting
– Incl. Page likes, engagement score, Demographic statistics,
• Working with you driving towards your 90 day business goals
• Driven by business people for business people who want results

Your page has an engagement score, the lower the score, the less interesting facebook thinks you are. socialface works with you to increase your score and works to get your messages featured in the main news stream of your fans where 90% of the connection happens.

Miss the stream and your message is lost, it's that simple.

Socialface Benefits:
• Avoid the facebook / social blackhole
• Increased internal productivity
• Save time
• Save money
• Increase results
• Decrease distractions
• Increase your ROI on your facebook efforts
• Monthly Recommendations to improve your page
• Posts designed for you to drive results
• Increased connectivity
• Grow your fan base
• Get the facebook noise filtered
• Educated talkers, talking to the people following your business
• Posts designed by high level sales, marketing and business brains who get it
• Potential lead generation
• Potential Brand exposure
• Potential increase in sales
• Adaptability to change and move posts to better outcomes in real time
• Working with mature people who know words
socialface will work with you to make your words work
• Leverage your time through engaging social talkers
• Nastiness management – we will remove and block inappropriate posts and mange the dialogue providing feedback to your business, so you know what people are saying about you.
• Increased brain power - Time share senior business minds who have sat in executive and board positions, who know what it takes to run successful businesses, sales and marketing campaigns and get results – for a fraction of the full time investment.
• Confidence. socialface operates within a defined risk management policy.

We have a range of options to suit all businesses and know that we can help you make sure that your business is looking great and getting results on facebook, Google + or your network of choice.
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