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2. Let Me Tell You a Story
If a picture is worth a thousand words, why not post multiple photos and tell a compelling story. Get creative with your products or services and create a story that revolves around your brand. Instagram gives you the ability to upload multiple photos so why not create a collage that draws your customers into a fun photo-filled story.
Social media users love posting, viewing and sharing photos, and the Instagram photo sharing app is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools they use.  According to an August 2012 post I read on the HubSpotBlog, “Instagram recently made headlines with the news that it had surpassed the 80 million user mark (up from
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Use industry-related keywords in your social network posts for social SEO purposes.
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2. Tag, You’re It

Let’s face it, we all have photos on our smartphones that we don’t want our Facebook friends to see. The problem is that we all have at least one friend who just has no filter when it comes to posting embarrassing pictures and then tagging us in those photos. Make sure you turn on the Facebook’s tag review feature so you can stop these tags before they get you into any hot water.
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WEEKLY ACTION: Check the metrics on the your EDM campaigns. You want to look at open rates and also the days and times you are sending them. If your open rates need improving test and measure your subject headings and make sure you provide plenty of value when your subscribers actually do open your emails. For times and days this can vary according to your target market so if your numbers need improving ask yourself [keeping your clients' schedule and lifestyle in mind] what days and times would be best for them to receive email goodies?
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Facebook says “Interest lists are an optional way to organise the content you’re interested in on Facebook. You can create your own interest lists based on the things you care about, or subscribe to other people’s lists. For example, you could create a Top Indie Bands list that features bands’ Pages and public updates from band members.
Did you know that only around 16% of your fans are seeing your posts, even less if you page doesn’t have great engagement. Generally even less if your demographic lends itself to using facebook on a mobile device… Facebook has recently released interest lists not unlike Twitter lists Facebook says “Interest lists are an optional way
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WEEKLY ACTION: Make sure you are embedding links and calls to action amongst your engagement, entertainment value and branding content. Links drive traffic to where you want it to convert to sales. Just remember give more than you take, to sell successfully on social media, you need to add massive value first.
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3. Best Foot Forward
Because your Facebook Timeline cover photo is front and center and noticed by all of your visitors, it is very important you utilise this space to put your best foot forward. A good social media management agency can help you get your USP front and center in a creative, fun, eye-catching way. At a minimum, this image must make a great impression and connect emotionally with your visitors.
Brands using Facebook for business no longer have the option to not use the Timeline format.  The social network made a mandatory change at the end of March 2012.  But as someone who works with a social media management company, I still see many business owners struggling to understand and implement Facebook’s Timeline.  With that
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WEEKLY ACTION: Have a look at your google analytics to see what social media efforts are performing best when it comes to driving traffic and bringing leads through your business. If for some reason you do not have analytics set up or your social media manager is not on top of this then this is a must do! Analytics will also show you how users from social media are navigating through your website which gives you a heads up for how well you are leading your online experience towards the results you want :)
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Put a part of your social marketing budget aside for paid social media marketing. (i.e. Facebook ads and boosted posts, Twitter promoted tweets, etc.)
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An old article with some interesting points on advertising on social media...

2. Promote with a Purpose
Most businesses were surprised to find out that not all of their fans were seeing their posts in their newsfeeds. The number that gets thrown around a lot is that only about 16% of your fans have your posts in their newsfeeds at a given time. This is where promoted posts can help. If you have a sale, a new product, a grand opening or a contest; promoted posts will give you a bigger bang for your buck and ensure you reach your fans.
The landscape of social media changes rapidly.  Facebook ads are no different.  Every time I pull out my smartphone to read about Facebook for business and advertising on social media, it seems like the social network is offering some new, innovative advertising platform, disabling another or making adjustments to the way Facebook ads work.  I’m
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SOCIALFACE TIP: Make sure your Instagram account is set to “public” and not “private” to ensure your content is seen by other Instagram users who do not follow your business.
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Emojis are always evolving, but heres a cheat sheet for a few of the old favs. Which ones do you use most often?
Are you ready for some fun? After having emoticons on our smart phones forever, you can now use them in your facebook comments.  Pin away and keep it handy, you never know when you are going to need a shark emoticon!   Tell us, which emoticon will you be using most? Related postsFour Fundamental Business
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Socialface manages your social media and community engagement. You get your time back to do what YOU do best. Deal? Check us out
Facebook and updating your socialmedia platforms can really zap your time and be a headache for time management, let us help you increase your productivity by managing your social networking.

socialface is a conversation agency that will work with you to build a coversation framework, creating posts to engage your customers in educational, entertaining (if required), interesting and interactive dialogue.

As your fans engage, qualified leads for your business will be spotted and fed back into your sales pipeline.

Socialface Features:
• Daily Page Management
• Dialogue Design
• Conversation and Connection Management
• Page engagement score
• Monthly Reporting
– Incl. Page likes, engagement score, Demographic statistics,
• Working with you driving towards your 90 day business goals
• Driven by business people for business people who want results

Your page has an engagement score, the lower the score, the less interesting facebook thinks you are. socialface works with you to increase your score and works to get your messages featured in the main news stream of your fans where 90% of the connection happens.

Miss the stream and your message is lost, it's that simple.

Socialface Benefits:
• Avoid the facebook / social blackhole
• Increased internal productivity
• Save time
• Save money
• Increase results
• Decrease distractions
• Increase your ROI on your facebook efforts
• Monthly Recommendations to improve your page
• Posts designed for you to drive results
• Increased connectivity
• Grow your fan base
• Get the facebook noise filtered
• Educated talkers, talking to the people following your business
• Posts designed by high level sales, marketing and business brains who get it
• Potential lead generation
• Potential Brand exposure
• Potential increase in sales
• Adaptability to change and move posts to better outcomes in real time
• Working with mature people who know words
socialface will work with you to make your words work
• Leverage your time through engaging social talkers
• Nastiness management – we will remove and block inappropriate posts and mange the dialogue providing feedback to your business, so you know what people are saying about you.
• Increased brain power - Time share senior business minds who have sat in executive and board positions, who know what it takes to run successful businesses, sales and marketing campaigns and get results – for a fraction of the full time investment.
• Confidence. socialface operates within a defined risk management policy.

We have a range of options to suit all businesses and know that we can help you make sure that your business is looking great and getting results on facebook, Google + or your network of choice.
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