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Merril DeFiddes
A professional with authenticity and fire in my 'belly' to get the job done!
A professional with authenticity and fire in my 'belly' to get the job done!

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Reindeer delivering Pizza?

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Dick Wolf  Hollywood’s Law & Order's creator initially found his inspiration from what was in the news... so with that in mind, I feel that Medicine and Social Media should be what I need to publish today.

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Interesting opportunity to spread the word on mental health . What a courageous and uplifting story.

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Have yo registered to get early access to Canva? 

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I wish I could give more. I wish that we raise enough that better treatment options or even a cure are found so no family has to endure what yours and many others are going through. Love and healing to you and yours. #worldsgreatestshave

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You are the master of your happiness

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Such another devastating blow, with the loss of lives. But comfort in that the wreckage has been found.  

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Great looking videos just got easier

We're all taking more videos than ever before, thanks to our mobile devices, but some of them turn out less than stellar (yes, it happens to us all). But starting today, you can make your videos look and sound better with Google+. 

I'm excited to announce that now, with one click, you can enhance the lighting, color, stability, and (coming soon) speech in your videos. Here’s how it works:

- Use Auto Backup to securely store the videos you shoot.
- Google+ will automatically analyze picture and audio quality. For best results make sure you have Auto Enhance turned on.  Learn more here:
- When we think we can make improvements, desktop Web users will see a banner asking whether you’d like to preview enhancements.
- The preview will show an instant side-by-side comparison so you can choose to apply changes or stick with the original.

In addition to the videos that Google+ suggests enhancing, you can choose to apply Auto Enhance to any videos you’d like:

- In Google+ on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, open a video, then choose More->Auto Enhance.
- In the Google+ Photos app on Android, open a video, tap the overflow menu, and then tap Auto Enhance.
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