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Find out what +Guy Kawasaki has to say about Why Major Marketers Are Moving to Google+ in this interview with +Michael Stelzner - Andrea
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Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing!
Great article. He gave some good tips and where to find content to post. Thx
Excellent, thank you. Looking for more resources on a movement to G+.
Been following +Guy Kawasaki Google+ book, for sometime now, and now I really need to lay my hands on it. Its so refreshing and inspiring to see that somebody of his caliber too feels that Google+ is the way forward. I have been having a hard time convincing my clients to embrace Google+, maybe I should gift them each a copy of What the Plus :) After going through the article, I have to say, that I too find it incredibly difficult to maintain dual identity on Google+, maintaining a brand page and a personal page seems daunting at times. Have to dedicate more efforts to the brand page now, to ensure its like the 'Living breathing person' that Guy has rightly pointed out for brand pages to be. Great article by +Michael Stelzner
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