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The Art of Collecting by Professor Nasser David Khalili - a SOAS Centenary Lecture
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The new range of SOAS Summer School Courses are available to book now in the following subject areas:

Finance, Economics and Business
Culture, Society and Area Studies
Development Studies and Environment
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The latest post from our Archives and Special Collections blog
John Hollingworth, Gallery Manager and co-curator of 'Academics, Agents & Activists: a history of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 1916-2016', continues his overview of this fascinating centenary exhibition recently on display at the Brunei Gallery, which showcased material from the incredibly ...
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The launch of our new Exhibition in the Brunei Gallery will be on 20th January 2017
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The next concert in our SOAS World Music Concert Series is: War Correspondents by Helen Chadwick Song Theatre

Date: 13 January 2017
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Free entry - registration required (full details in the link below)

War Correspondents bears witness to those who risk their lives in extreme circumstances in order to tell the truth to the outside world. The songs are drawn from interviews conducted by Helen Chadwick and creative collaborator Miriam Nabarro with over thirty journalists who work in conflict zones including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, DRC, Iraq, and Liberia. "I keep hoping that some day, if we keep telling the truth, it will be better for all of us".
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The latest blog post from our Endangered Languages Archive blog
This week on the ELAR blog, ELDP grantee Dadak Ndokobai interviews three language consultants who are working with him to document the Cuvok language in Cameroon. This blog post has been split into two parts; the second part will post next week on the ELAR blog. Interview de Tahbai, Pierre.
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The latest miniMOOC from Professor Stephen Chan
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The latest from out SOAS Centenary Timeline blog
Sir Edward Dension Ross had a much decorated career before becoming the School of Oriental Studies' first director in 1916. He famously spoke thirty languages from the then called 'Far East' and spent almost two decades travelling India and Central Asia. His obituary in the School's bulletin read “he ...
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The latest post from our Endangered Languages Archive Blog
Community Member Bio: Jean Paul Kendele, Jacob Kedjewe, Isaac Ngoleng & Esaie Tahbai, Tchouvok community (Cameroon) Part Two. Posted on January 10, 2017 by Martha Tsutsui. This week on the ELAR blog, ELDP grantee Dadak Ndokobai interviews four language consultants who are working ...
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SOAS announces tuition fee waivers to support displaced people
SOAS has created a new five-year scheme to help improve access to higher education for displaced people who do not have access to Student Finance.
The SOAS Student Sanctuary Scheme will provide six undergraduate fee waivers and one postgraduate fee waiver. Successful students will not have to pay tuition fees for the duration of their programme of study.
Professor Richard Black, Pro-Director for Research and Enterprise at SOAS, said: “The tragedy of global forced displacement should lead all of us to think how we can make a difference. In the university sector, a concrete way we can help is by ensuring that a generation of people does not miss out on higher education. That's why I'm delighted we are offering this path-breaking sanctuary scheme to students who most need our help and support. University education is truly liberating - and holds out hope for a better future."
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A blog post from our Endangered Languages Archive blog
Claudine Chamoreau is an ELDP grantee studying the Pech language of Honduras (ISO639-3:pay). This highly endangered Chibchan language has around 300 speakers and is no longer spoken by young people. In addition to producing a descriptive grammar, Claudine's research aims to produce a ...
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The world's leading institution for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East

SOAS University of London (formerly known as the School of Oriental and African Studies) is the only Higher Education institution in Europe specialising in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East.

SOAS is a remarkable institution. Uniquely combining language scholarship, disciplinary expertise and regional focus, it has the largest concentration in Europe of academic staff concerned with Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

On the one hand, this means that SOAS scholars grapple with pressing issues - democracy, development, human rights, identity, legal systems, poverty, religion, social change - confronting two-thirds of humankind  while at the same time remaining guardians of specialised knowledge in languages and periods and regions not available anywhere else in the UK.

This makes SOAS synonymous with intellectual enquiry and achievement. It is a global academic base and a crucial resource for London. We live in a world of shrinking borders and of economic and technological simultaneity. Yet it is also a world in which difference and regionalism present themselves acutely. It is a world that SOAS is distinctively positioned to analyse, understand and explain.

Our academic focus on the languages, cultures and societies of Africa, Asia and the Middle East makes us an indispensable interpreter in a complex world.

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