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Snow Fangs
Just your average moody teenage furry
Just your average moody teenage furry

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Face Reveal!
Excuse the hair, a little messy today :3

(Yes that is a real photo I took of myself)
(Yes I miiight have added a few lil things)

I was on my way into the checkout today when I spotted box of fidget spinners on the mini shelf. I picked it up as if it were The One Ring from LOTR, all curiously and deeply inspecting it... Then some unexplainable force made me put it back down and continue on through the checkout. As I was walking out the shop, I felt like it was pulling my curiously once again, as if it were whispering "come back here" over my shoulder. I pulled myself together and walked on, just barely avoiding the temptation to revisit the spinny-thingy.

That was my close call with a fidget spinner.

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Snow Fangs / Image 3

So I'm going to start uploading my photography stuff more often. I thought better now than never to get started. Subject matter will be that which I feel is interesting or beautiful. I'll try to make sure my uploads are of good quality as I go along. If you are interested in follow my photography, go ahead and follow this collection, otherwise un-follow it if you're not interested. Cheers ^^

Location: Unknown/Unimportant
Edits: Warmth
1/100 sec.
20 mm

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(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

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So you get +Wolfy Blue, all perfect approach and landing...

Then you get me. Sitting on the grass like:
"Yup, I meant to park off the runway."
"Mhmmm, not an accident at all."

Game: DCS World

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Starting my day off with a couple thoughts.

I'd really like to start making more art. I've always felt that by streaming regularly, it'd encourage me to draw more. But to do this id need a buddy. A co-streamer. Please, if you're an artist who's interested in streaming with me, please let me know. We'd be using dual streaming.

As a couple people know, I'm in my final year of high school and am trying my best to finish this year off with the best possible results I can achieve. Of Course this means less Google+ time. So expect to see me wander in and wander out often.

I'd like to approach this account a little differently for a while. Share more personal ongoing. If people are interested in that I'll continue with it. If not, well then I'll return to mostly just art stuffs. I'd also like to start adding to that photography collection of mine.

I'm terrified of my future. I've always tried to be so organized and the fact that I don't know exactly what happens after high school and how or if I'm going to study further, scares me. I'm grateful to have friends who'd help me through this time.

Going paintballing today. Looking forward to doing something active. It's been a while since I got out proper. Perhaps I'll take my camera out and get some cool shots.

Cheers all ^^/

I trip through Europe would actually be so great.
I'd really like to explore outside of this country.

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I feel a similar way right now.

And it's especially scary becuase next year I finish highschool, so I need to know what the heck I'm going to do with my life in terms of a career... At this point I feel like art absolutely not the way for me.

I feel like my dreams of being an animator or concept artist are going to have to take back seat for a bunch of reasons. Sigh.
To be honest I kind of feel lile my art is just meh
Its not bad but there isnt anything amazing about it either

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Sometimes life seems so 0 ÷ 1
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