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stay gangsta’d up wit Serious Pimp Clothing & Sunglasses ya digg!! –
Straight out of the West Coast, Serious Pimp, Inc. is the LEADER in sunglasses and apparel that blend Hip Hop style with MMA attitude. Serious Pimp is led by its President Snoop Dogg and Chairman of t...
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sdnɔ ɯǝɥʇ uı dn ןןɐ ǝɔnɐs dɯıd
fuck you pay me shoes ftw
snoop is the fuckin best in the game (:
Hell yeah pimpin it
keep doing wot u know how to do best. u are my role model
Hey Snoop! I Would Love To Promote Your Sun Glasses Over Here In Germany For My New Album And Tour! I'm Also Coming There!! Soon! Check It Out!
Marla Glen Life Is Theaten By Musick! Bussiness!!!
From Old Manager!

[20.01.2012 13:24:25] Raymond Gonzalez: Look out when you say pay you back. There might be some people just waiting for that. You inadvertantly made some enemies but at anyrate if you are happy, that's what counts:::::: This Is A Letter From The Manager Of Nina SIMONE! Writing Me Like This, Why Do I Have To Be Theaten By Him For Paris? Just Because I Will Not Sign With A CEO From Gremany? What's Really Goin
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Check out the #defaultbokeh +Snoop Dogg! You rule man, would love to shoot some hoops with you someday.
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