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its friday!! wats everyone smokin on??
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nothin but the colorado chronic
can i say some brainfreeze wax...lolz.
love the songs keep up the good work and remember puff puff pass
Some of that Hydra shit. Representin' the northern west coast.
snoop your a legend in everything you do. Love those doggumentary episodes chuchhh
Slow your roll records
Toilet Paper xD #ghetto
same shit as you snoop..#getbaked
nothin, gotta work for a living..... :(
Juicy Fruit ! ! .....Oh, that was last week....
Got the Diesel! top it with a bit of wax, and it's a party! Thanks for asking.
You live in the darkness .. And mind in order to accommodate a small word darkness you have the money and fame and immorality, they are just temptations in life only .. But you will burn in hell .. Thank God I am a Muslim
thats sum creepy shit bro, keep it to urself
This is to the guy above me: are you serious dude... Who are you to judge based on a post on the internet. I'm glad I'm free of the bonds that is religion. Smoke weed everyday!!!
I'd say you are the one filled with hate, Snoop be makin people happy and building peace and raising more children than you got barrels of oil bein sold in America. Your next generations are gonna have cornrolls. Just cause you say it, doesn't mean you live it.
How is the campaign on getting it leagal to be a user? I am tired of them talking about it. If they can put me on medication with or with out my permission. Why should they give a dam about what we put in our body when we get behind clossed doors. If we can handle it. Leave it alone. Make it legal I say. You have my respect man. Put up the good fight. They don't know what they are doing in office any way. We need a national planting day my friend. Lets get-er done my friend. Later
You are spreading pathetic
sounds fantastic it friday time to chilax and watch the DRAFT
Man, won't be smoking tonight. Gotta work. Tomorrow though, now that's another story.
Julius Caesar and bubble hash, like that girl's ASS! I would pass it to you but, I remember what type of smoker you are HALF-BAKED! LMAO! Get at you OG! Matter of fact get at ME! Damn forgot, you're HALF-BAKED! Holla at me playa!
Go on a Muslim post n talk ur holy crap there, nobody wants nor cares about that shit here
made home-made carnitas enchiladas for my family. Smokin!
poop? sounds grossssssssss! u needsome mary jane
yo that sounds good hoa about el tepeyac hollenbeck burrito from east la
if it aint OG i aint even tryn hit it!!!
what is 420????????????no nintendo
It's the time on Friday where weed smokers celebrate I don't smile but I celebrate
What up Snoop Dogg, I'm Spookdaddy tha Nigga from Peoria,ILL town, smoking good.
pink champagne (thegreendoorsf)
Executive Branch.. only way to smoke!!
why ya gonna come blow wit mee?? dmt,baby
yo uncle snoop we on that pineapple and patron G
Party May 4th in the DUB!
all niter, $20 get ya food and spirits! for a three day event!
Annette St. in the East-Wynnton area"
Hosted by (BigWanda)
I am attending! "Come show your realness"
Dude snoopy your FUCKING retarded necause your probubly fake on google plus who ever is faking this your a BITCH
somethin' purple from the 'Nati... You should stop by on the way to Bootsy's sometime and drop a track with Juju Crow. You can have the money. I just wanna make a song about smokin' Weed with Snoop. and smoke some of whatever keeps your lids welded shut...
That sour deez followbacc jacc!!!
Yeah... Im too broke to get me some mj so im just chillin
LET'S ALL GET HIGH!!! grades on that next test
Green Gooda! Like the cheese! but a plant and little red hairs
some fresh arabian leaves, dogg
killa G! ;)
Its party smokes on da floor in da club or ganja scrooby there?
some VOODOO, from the two foot volcano bizzle!
what up tho big dogg
wish i could just be smoking on something.... craving much....
Ran out of Afghani so now it's Bubblegum
Zabi D.
Man thiz da nigga snoop, partying his whole life and still happy when it's friday to party some more :p
That raspberry kush...puff, puff...cough...puff, puff
BiGBuD ;D Got 14oz off one bitch this time. :O Just rank smellin thick intense....whole block leveled with the aroma like incense, tasty tasty for all my homies and willing participants.
I was smokin' some bad weed & some (expensive) ak47 also, friend of mine passed out while he was pissin' but he was very drunk, like usually he is...

I woke up early in the morning and blazed a powerful lazer beam... Then I needed to get some more sleep - of course. Now Im listening Led Zeppelin and drinking apple juice. Soon It's time to bounce -> sun is shining here in Finland.

Some might think I'm lazy but I have really been working hard at this week & sometimes I just need to relax to survive!!!
tha ganja is da best over hier in my home city Amsterdam in Holland.
things that are bigger then king kongs fingers
to be honest i don't wanna die young!
just a spliff (mostly more)a day to keep the doctor away! be4 my bike-crash I needed to quit smokin' 'cause my longues were goïng from bad to worse...(welding,grinding), 1½yr l8er, after accident that cripled me, I went for a control to the hospital, did all kinds of tests dr. congratted me! he said: "well done!, did u quit smokin?" I said: "No, I quit workin'... and now, f*kin' lawsuit (since 09/05/2008) to get what belongs to me, I wasn't driving the bike, I was passenger so got launched..., why do cops take on new years' eve young kids that are makin'fun with fireworks and throw them in jail within 3 days?, 'quick-right' as they call it here, why not for traffic to work victims? one seriously good option for not havin'to run from 'here to there' in the future, even if it just will suit our offspring : a black box /videobox in each O.K.,(www...?) separates the real ones from the butchers, it doesn't frighten airline pilots neither! does it?. As pipefitter I was used to have 3x more money/month! So, what I've lost every month and will or could have lost in future, +index, +claim for misery already got and to come, need a new hip...JOINT...R , but, better the bud than all damned pill's! Here, having right is not gettin' right! Shame 2 society Sssssssssmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooookkinnnnnnnnnnnn''''''''''''
One thing, I'm not gonna let'm even think they can give me some 'change' and take the rest for the company, what's worth the price is worth the fight! aaaiiiight?,...... time to bongo!!!

hé, I'm not smokin', the cigarette does!
Up here in Canada I have some fine Hindu Cush
Hydoponic quality and smooth brother Snoop.

Even my Beagle Snoop Doggy enjoys the contact buzz before we head out to the bush to chase some wildlife - lol
ice-o-lator , with vaporizer :))))
my hookah named Kevin Bacon, with some dank kush
got that loud pack out here all night long
Just like the re-legalization of alcohol created a new source of much needed revenue for the government and a dramatic decrease in gang violence, legalization of Maryjane would put to rest how the U.S. would solve its debt crisis. But then, logic and rationality seldom enter the houses of government. :(
grand daddy purp, the shit still lit.
Just got some Banana Master Kush. And no work this weekend...might have to get more from the dispensary! ;)
Puff'n head's from the bong, watching Game of Thrones.
Organic Rockstar grown in B.C Canada!
any more up comeing music videos snoop your videos rule keep real og
Cali backyard homegrown, grown with love by my aunt
Purple kush all day. !
nothin and by the way if you smoke your going to die in 2 years so stop
so what we smoke what we f*** girls...we dont care who sh**........
thing is none of u guys do u are just trying to act cool so nice try
Skunk(coughing )!!man,is ever so strong!In a min I'll b in "Wonderland "Chilling wit da Catapillar laughing @"Twittle Dee&Twittile Dum!(cough) ;)

celo und abdi,frankfurt streetkings.kiez pimps auf weedspliffs,deutschlands lieblings!!!!!!!!
yo brudi,nasilsin bira???
snoop doggy dogg ma dirty nigga
smoking this shitty ass outdoor bud rotted crap also covered in cab.
Smoke on dogg i will be ps the good shit
Top o' the morning Mr Dogg! Adidas your new sponsor?
suas músicas são ótimas, especialmente o jovem, selvagem e livre
their songs are great especially the young, wild & free
Damn, Snoop! Ho's be advertisin they shit on yo digs
I gotta talk to my Proctologist about that.
Even though our place burned down I'm still tokin...cheerz
smokin sum of dat Mendo shit! yeah boy
LOL nice on Snoop! Sadly,FIDAYS GONE! WAAA and todays the evilest day of all.....My Birthday
On Mondays menu we have Purple Haired something or other!!!! Hell I dont care as long as the buzz is good........Puff,Puff,Pass! da "Krew" Banana Galaxie Studios
(not one little thing) :(
((brought to us by adidas))
many big parties near cologne / germany. 2morrow here is free! come and visit us ;)
I Aint Smokin on Nuttin im a Child! Be a role MOdel ;)
dont be friends with someone YOU know is going to smoke! dumb people if you dont like it, dont watch it, be around it , etc...
Kitty whiskers, squares, circles, and purple nugglets w/ hair all over em.
hi,snoop,how u doing??? i dont smoke!! u wht do u smoke?
dat no~cal fire grandma o.g. cat piss!!! GET AT YA NIGGA SNOOP, I GOT THE CONNECT BRAH!! KEEP BANGING. 5:30% hurdb*Y B~Hive
dam right its friday, i,ll be blazed all weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no offense... but you make it seem like smoking weed is totally okay and its NOT...
I been smokin' this 30% THC shit called "the White" and some "Space Queen." Put them together and you end up with "the White Queen."
serious,,hindu blue gots good energy, expensive,,,Snoop, rockit over and over,,,,,so cool
Some of that headband!!
Got that rasp. Kush
Got high off life Friday. Once you do that you'll never have to reach for a blunt again. ASA!
White Fire and some Grey Goose,oh yeah 
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