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Get G’d up from tha Feet up ya digg!!
Straight out the West Coast, Serious Pimp, Inc. is the LEADER in sunglasses and apparel that blend Hip Hop style with MMA attitude. Serious Pimp is led by its President Snoop Dogg and Chairman of the ...
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classic stuff right there the pres would aprove cuz they so snazzy
Hey Snoop whats up
Only 65 Dollars! Cheaper than Nike's! Who Knew?
Very smooth.

For your next run, have the text on the sole reversed. Now walking in snow or on dry ground with wet shoes will leave fun messages to anyone following you.
Snoop's team posts here. They post and leave. Never interact.
i couldnt afford one of them
Nice shoes snoop:) Happy Fathers Day 2 you " hope your enjoying your day sweetie :)
You need to rework your image man. What are you trying for, a pot smokin pimp, as well as some kind of gentleman? I guess Snoop, but it needs work, just depends on how you take it I guess.............ha ha yeh it's funny none the less. Oh and buy the way man you can have my daughters hand in marriage but you have to ask her first, she's on my profile page, the one with cute ears and straight teeth!
Those are some dope shoes
Straight up cusin tru ta da game keep it up
Pair of cheap shoes with a cool slogan, not a good look D O double G
Cool!!!! I want shoes like that I could just show them the bottom of my shoe instead of sayin it! 😜✌
Yo qwerty shut up snoop is awesome so shut up
Lol instead of pumped up kicks its pimped up kicks ha
hell ya haha instead of a pimp slap they get a pimp kik to the face
where can I buy need some cool sunglasses
Good to recup my money ! People can't forget with this mark on Face ! Mwa ah ah ! 
Matt V
Real classy lol
I'm on it.. Love the Site also! i'm getting a bikini too!
Those tell a statement lol what u think big boss man?
Can I get these with dat symbol dat was on da back of ur jacket on da, new movie.
Get up from da feet up to the heat up Big Snoop
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