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dogg for #1 on google + uhearme!!!!!!!!!
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u'r the number #1 #dogg see u in Rome, Italy this summer
Whts up Snoop I hear u....
noooooo im a hater sike naw yea snoop!!!!!
DO A HANGOUT! please :D
Yeah Snoop... You should do google hang outs. BTW, when ya gonna check out my iBackFlip Somersault sling for your iPad. I can send you one if you email me a shipping address Through the website contact. I know you have a fuel bag but ours is way better for your iPad and more compact. It won't slow ya down!
i pray that c
kTHY SOUL may rest in peace
what's up, snoop ?? are you schnizzleing ?
Follow me on #instagram dog nashmc PLEASE?
I like to listening Rider on The Storms as Soundtrack of NFS Underground 2 ..
dogg , when you come to indonesia ...!
Lan Anh
i love u Snoop Dog
Much love from Vancouver BC! I'm still bumpin the whole Murder Was The Case OST. If only there was a cure for this ;-) Miss the Death Row days Dogg. Ppl are now taking the styles u guys created & claiming them for their own. Snoop Doggy Dogg: The Originator!
Snoop whats up i dont see you, your in the back ground of smoke men
say i come to get it in i'm the westkeptsercet
It's a doggy dog world and now doggy dog net lol
aye snoop dogg add me plx :)))
That's Forshizzle! Laymen terms: That's for sure.
say i dig it so i just ask that people follow allstar yacco on twitter and retweet me free down loads i keep it west coast i am "THAWESTKEPTSECRET" & it's my time not back 2 the write-n PIRANHASQUAD,RECORDS THE REST IS GOLDFISH
yo D O double G you one fly ass mother**** almost as fly as me LOL Hit me up pimpin
Yo snoop fizzle you that dog for real. But you already know. Holla at ya boy.
kepp it long beach and add the "THAWESTKEPTSECRET" YACCO MAC
Snoop d-o-dub keep supporting the rainforest.
next time you in Grand Rapids, Michigan let me know, im in need of a industry mentor.
oh hi Snoop - what can I do for you?
yo yo how are ya dude and snoop ya is there any thing i can d osnoop just ask k
me to snoop whats up jimmy bones
Snoop your the man! When you gonna get on the cover of CULTURE Magazine?
I mos def feel u daddy doooggg!!!
smoke one and that's how it's suppose to be, wallup kalif
ha i still remember when i was a kid use to say my bizzle my dizzle and my nizzle haha now pilen up pile green for those memories wiz kalifa style
I still remember when i got one of my first job's it was in long beach on del amo and long beach blvd at the 7 11 man it was crazy my boss loved to party on PCH at all the oriental strip clubs and he would always pick up the tab.Man this was in1990 every thing was just getting started.Dayton's pioneer and a 1977 monty all tinted and blacked out.LOVED IT!!!
ya can holler at me on hotmail kbmnj/ how is your daughter doing>>>
hope you had a great weekend
i m doing fine. thanks. not sure how to use google+ so much...
ok, I did my part now how often to you holla back at your fans on here?
hey did we get here ? LOL
salve maloka na paz
Salute to You Mr. President. You wanna hang out? Talk some number some some"change" uKNOW Talk some batman and robin.
hey snoop if you want to enjoy internet add me
You da' man tigga'! Got my vote Righteous Brotha'!
Dah! Yea man for realy me to........
snoop I've always appreciated all the classic remakes such as La di daddi cinderfella doggy dog also the way u mystical an C murder an xbit rocked on the old school Marley marl track the symphony..will u every make another classic rap song from the golden days of hip hop...sure hope u an Dr dre make another album too!!! an ganja smoke 
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