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make sure u all checc out tha documentary 2nite on vh1!
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Gunna watch it with some gin and juice
Encourage all you young bloods to watch this :-)
this actually looks sort of interesting.
ช่วยกันให้มีได้ค่ะ อยู่ที่จะเลือกอย่างดี หรือ ไม่มี
i want to but can't i live in NZ...... looks good though!
it was great but the truth is you are so beautiful and that smile take my breath away ok
I vividly remember Ice T who told Arsenio (remember Arsenio?), referring to the L.A. Riots, "The fire's out, but the coals is [sic] still hot." Yeah, I can't remember a Bible verse to save my life, but I can remember this! LOL
I watching right now.. I'm crying man...
how long has this been, was this worse then 911, and didn't we kill Ben laden one year ago today, Obama president?, and still this ? forgive and forget only if it convince
Unbelievable... This is a must see for this generation and anybody who does not understand the struggle of the black ppl
marcha da maconha, dia 26 de maio, em Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
I'm not going to "Checc" anything out "2nite."
+Max Lanz lol really u took ur sweet time to post that? Ur really bored...smh
Shoot I missed it. Hope it comes on again soon.
Super rad documentary highly recommend checkin it out ... Snoop what's up with that killa bob marley?
The way Snoop Dogg typed out his message looks like Spanish.
I missed it !!! Hope it's on again soon
I found this in the internet yesterday, and it was just epic !
+Vannie Maryel my first thought too, was how important watching this would be for the all those too young to remember. I remember it all too well...I recall sitting on the edge of my couch when that verdict was handed down and then the tears. That they were so arrogant and callous still affects me deeply to this day.
Exactly. I cried when I watched it. It was just very.... Emotional. Even with the things going on now with Trayvon Martin's case... It's just unbelievable.
melissa, sorry my 'to you' got away,,,my heart feels the pain. allways been part of me, to respect humanity, life,whom passed that to me? noone but me,, i like to be treated w/respect, dignity, love,,where has true humanity gone? so glad i am reading these this a.m. peace2u, u also vannie! hey peace to humanity.
I have been torn up over Trayvon too. That 20 years later not only do we see the "authorities" act arrogantly and callously once again, but that a boy died and there were those who tried to vilify him to justify this injustice is adding insult to injury. Like +Stacey legasse-b , I have always had a lot of love and humanity, but I think most are born with it, people have to work at making excuses to engender these kind's of injustices. I think that all those who initially blew off the arrest of Zimmerman should be held accountable...I wish more people were willing to admit that to have those official's remaining on in a position of authority speaks volumes. I find myself at odd's with my love and my anger often...It makes me weary.+Vannie Maryel and +Stacey legasse-b I hope I live to see a better day for all our children, Much Love and Peace to you both.
again, sweet! this past hour ladies, thankyou! real=awesome..............peace4eva
Word Dogg, and Keep showin em whats chill.
lemme know if you need some uh... directions, yeah thats it, around old San Antonio. Alamo's still smokin man. xD
[And your shit on Volcanoe High was the bomb.]
yo snoop take my number ima hit u up about sum talented artist
hes tuff as hell check out
♫ Snoop doggy dog and Dr. Dre's at the door ♫
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