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3 million followers on google +!!! shout out to tha fans!!! lets get to 4 million ya diggg!!!
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kk it will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Snoop my Lil bro in ya tekkan video. 
bliss, joy, peace...
WHATTUP YOO!! congratz, greetingz from BRAZIL 
You should organize a write-in candidacy for an office you make up, just to wake the sleeping, and encourage the hard-core.
Fools need to step off the wayside that is the Facebook ride, it's lower class, Hell, even diminutive in class. Even like Steven, before even we begin.. themes are coming, mad new features, soon will be runnin'. Zuckerberg, your days are numbered, your websites outcome is plundered. At the end of the day, you'll get what you got coming, every mofo who steals gets theirs @ the end of the counting. Believe that, BE-OTCH. Eat a phat dick, punk.
Old school keep rolling kuajajajajajaja new want to bee haterssss kuahajajajaja
don't fuck with snoop or wang make fuck on thomas young face
Snoop Dog is the best bitch 
Well go on then dogg father snoop 
+Langwong stupid japanese we bombed you
Snoop, I'm rolling with you. Old school, real fan.
ohohoh thomas young becareful prease or wang will eat your mothers asshole
Snoop burn that shit! Off them cookies all day ya digg!
Snoop dogg owns so dose Google+
Life ain't nothin but pluses and reshares...
you are a FORCE!  for the love of god it would be an honor for you to come storm chasing with us.  Dominate the storm
For shizzle my Ard..crawls back into hole
no thanks!!!! jayy kayy ill follow u
Why would ya want 4million funs N3ph3w and you aint doing nothing to g3t to th3m
No surprise big snoop. Keep doing what you do.
Wajajajajaj saa snu dogi dup!! :D
Just watched Hood Of Horror and loved it. Rotten Tomatoes can go smoke a blunt of swag weed 1 star. That shit was hilarious and awesome. More Horror movies!
Hey snoop:) am a fan " am already following you..can I get a follow back, your so awesome!!!! Number one! Your the Bomb Snoop! Keep doing what you do sweetie :) love you"
I'm looking for foreigners to learn Chinese
Heee...dud wats up........
Football is the long bomb! The hail mary of sports!!
plz follow me snoop my bday was this week plzplzplz u rock ur pigtails dope as
I don't think I am physically able to "diggg!!!"
3 million followers and what you give them is just asking for the 4th million dogg
come on !!!!
I hate all of you establishment puppets with a passion. You disgust me!

I feel part of something YAAY!!! 
You Snoop Dogg very cool men and internacjonal respect
Drop it like its ho ot drop it like its ho ot
yeeea! come to Serbia we be loved to hear macanddevin live and other your songs !!!
fa sho, Snoop D! ..really?..3M?.sure you ain't been puffin Ak47 or TrainWreck?...thats pretty fuckin amazing..G+'s only been around < year. wow. Congrats, HomeSkillet.
i didnt even know there were 3 million people on google +...
Please do a hang out, I've never done one before but would definitely do it if it was with you!
you better join or will come fine you you can run but there no place to hide
I remember not too long ago you were celebrating 1 milli and I quote See at 2 hell you screaming 5 now your brand is going global beginning now"
cara vc e demais sou seu fan adoro suas musicas 
Sorry Snoop misspelt Dogg!.read JESUS THE LAST NEPHILIM google books funny!
Yo Snoop, Philippines want to offer You Immortalization in Coral.
Your Statue submerged into the Beautiful Sea where it will be settled between the manmade Reefs we are building in the Philippine Seas.
Our dream is to have every artist on the planet in their own serene and tranquil Coral Reef Setting.
Since You are a King, a Guru, a Leader in your art then we would be honored to make a sculpture for You. Or for You and your Family, Crew, whoever you want there beside you for all eternity to view.
I help run a Eco-Charity and would Love to here from You, plus Eco-tax breaks and carbon credits could be obtained and a free Hotel Stay might be included if you participate and help us to save the planet and Oceans by standing on guard while chilling with the exotic marine life.
So much more to tell You, please view my new page for further details.
Bless You n Yours and Thank-You for all the Years of Entertaining the World... Peace Snoop... 
you playing with millions  Snoop :)
snoop wiz said he want to to sing a song with you on july 2
repeat fam snoop dog is Awesome follow that dog follow that dog 
Jesus the last Nephilim  awesome and funny check
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