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Got a special message for all on 4/20
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yeah much2 respect 2 snoop dogg the god father..n congratzz on the 420 noisey.ill be right there...thank you so much.
best dog
Happppyyyyyy 4/20 SNOOP!!!!!!!! PEACE, LOVE, & SOUL!! #1
I'm surprised you can remember your fuckin' name. lmao. Snoop D O Double G forever. Blazin' one right now, waitin' for Snoop to creep up on me like some Half Baked shit. \m/ Hey Snoop you were the bomb as Munky btw.
Happy 420-Snoop-You're "The "Special One-Together with your Family" Many-Many Thank You's For All You and Your Family Do......Love ...Peace Out........
Happy Blazin' Snoop! - Looking forward to buying your new album once it hits the shelf on this bunkass reserve. xD

... & happy 420 to everyone else getting blazed today!! Stay High &, keep it the left!

Happy 4/20!!! I don't partake anymore (quit cigarettes and weed 2 months ago) but that doesn't mean I don't still love the holiday :)
lol three idiots at our school in west chester got caught with it hahahaha
most of the students from my school are high or ditch school for this event lol
Okay ya'll know Bob Marley's birthday is in February, right? So what's the deal with the 20th of April?????
u dumb shit 20th of april is 420!!!! look it up in urban dictionary!!!
Give it up for the ganja farmer, irie. ready to get high ready to get high
Yeah man ggaganja man for life
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