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advice for tha weekend!!
advice for tha weekend!!
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wish i could..extremely dry here.
I think you should go out or make a date with ur GF.U will have a nice day!I think so!^^
i think u need to come raddle North Carolina a lil lots of love Snoop!!!!
we need some entertainmen!! we r diein' here! fo' real. come on snoop...bring it!
Some good advice; Showing that you love someone does not mean you have to say "yes" to everything. True love sometimes means having to say "no". You can pay your enemy $$ and he will "yes" you all day.
for all those how have a little bit of bad boy or girl in them.....put ya hands in tha air! keep on smoking snoop! I'll pass it to ya!
we got some of that real sticky icky down gotta try it. not to mention that shine...lmao!
we need to start hell it dogg style hehehe!
I thought you looked so cool man in Starsky and Hutch.Cool brother.When we gonna see you in a film next then?Hopefully a film of your own.Now that would be cool to wastch.Peace out Snoop Dog peace x
great example there young man.better to sniff the flowers get a natural high
young and wild and free
But don't get high on you own supply...
Hang in, hanging out, and just hangin'..........shari
Fa Reals doe, smoke weed everyday, BK Allday (blunt killa)!!!!!!!!!
If u call it skilar deitch it would be awesome
Exemplary advice, but I am the driest of the dry, sad to say.
have fun in orland for all star weekend
u no it loud on deck for allstar weekend
And if you don't smoke, get the hell off this thread!
I do agree, sir. Yes. I most certainly will do that.
oh my god im friends with the top dog
you want it ? you got it, bro! :-) let's get & stay high!
Az Lan
stay high and high and high and fly
snoop this is Solizs, just want to say hello
Goin' Deep Cover.... YEEEAAAHHH!!!!! Wuz crakkin' Loc.
cause there is a place called H.....l!
Great advice for this All-Star Weekend!!
Tru that homie.
I'm gonna be kickin some old N64, smokin some sour, and readin' yo interview in HighTimes with Wiz.
Good advice when can we get some executive branch in Seattle?
Stay High in life is better than staying low. A happy mind gives you a healthy biochemistry on a cellular level.
Float like a butterfly and Sting like a bee. Nice to see you on the 70th Birthday of ALI
Hay Snoop, my closssse partner and very long time friend, Amy Kurshneruk, Use To bounce for you when you`d come in to LV. Yah man, she`s the slim, sorta tall, Blond Russian, that`s pack`en! Believe me Bro, Everything else is just as Fine. PEACE-OUT and keep the treeees burning.
u r epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
;) seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
day le
have a good wkend Dogg!
Come to Amsterdam, we do that the whole week...!
Come to Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
47 and still lovin sum Snoop double G
snoop good gangia saluti dall'italia ciaooooooo
Rolling rolling rolling keep them fingers rolling.
Well, Snoop Dogg I Did Stay High This Weekend, Today Is My Birthday.... woohoo
Want To Tell You I Saw You Singing, You Have A Very Nice Voice, I Suppose You Know That! LOL Hey, Would You Consider Doing A Video Blog On YouTube? I'd Love To Hear What You Think About Things... It Would Be Interesting, To Say The Least! :D
Hwy snoop da Big Boss Dogg! I'm a real deal fan man....keep da ganjah burning for reals...cheers! Da Masta-POTONZ mr.zee....POM CITY NIGER IN PACific
In Amsterdam we call it: "Leipe shit."
Hey...I'm older now...still tryin to make it...I got alot of music and songs in my head...Check out my video. May the Lord keep you. I really do gospel but would like to do a rap, r&b, gospel mix of this song. Have a blessed day!
Snoop I Have a huge interview today gona keep it cool in there snoop dogg style ..Nuthin but a G thang BABY!
es muy interesante Google+.. :0)
be really young really wild and really free
best song ever
what a load of crap how the hell did i come unto this feed delete me thanks
Hey Snoop thanks for keeping it real!!!!!
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