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Hi gang - we're pleased to share the news that Snapseed for Android is now released!  An updated iOS version, with G+ sharing, a new Retrolux filter, updated Frames, and more is also available. And... everything's free!  Get the app from either Google Play or the App Store, and spread the word! ^KLR
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Now it works. It is available at play store...
+Snapseed It says that I cannot install it on Nexus 7!? It is also a Google product like yours and it does not work!??
Some error keeps occurring while trying to install it on my nexus 4. 
Not compatible with Nexus 7 yet? Huh?
Aaron H
Tried link above, as well as searching the app.  No longer available.  Still having issues?
Thank you for contacting Nik Software. We have received your question and due to new software releases, our response time is currently 1-2 business days. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm PST.
Saw URL not found link message -> Refreshed -> Reached play store -> clicked install 3-4 times and it installed.
-- Cyanogen on HTC One S
Aaron H
Blows, Running CM7 on a G2X (P999) and says its not compatible.  Won't let me install, any suggestions?
Guys, your app hides the status bar on Android. That's a seriously bad design choice. Otherwise the app feels great. 
IS snapseed free for desktop now then?
Will it replace picknick for Google+'s in built photo editor? It should
Needs Nexus 7 Support   It's beyond me why Google is not supporting it's own flagship device on something like this.  
Have to concur with the wtf?!? this doesn't work on the Nexus 7? comments. Yet it installs on my super small screened Galaxy Nexus?!? And it installed on my Note 2 and TF101. Baffling. Oh, and I had to get to the app page through the Snapseed website (after it finally came back up) because searching Snapseed in the store directly brought up nothing.
Was waiting for this but find it's not compatible for Droid X. Disappointed... but sort of expected that.
I'm running "4.0 or higher" on my phone and it still says it's not compatible. What gives?
in order to instal on Nexus 7 back up it with ES explorer and then send apk to Nexus 7
Hi folks, we found the issue with the Nexus 7, it was a metadata issue. The app is compatible and we're working on resolving this right now (building an update and will push it live ASAP).
Please make  a version for Nexus 7. I am a fan. Thank you.
+Snapseed market doesnt seem to let it install on my tablet Samsung galaxy tab 7.7" HD P6800 running CM 10
So, can I try to sideload it with the apk?
+Hubert Fein Snapseed iOS v 1.5 has a new filter called Retrolux and an update to the Frames filter, otherwise it's the same. We're working on updating Snapseed for Android to 1.5 as well, but no ETA just yet.
Says not compatible with Moto Photon? Why not? What are the hardware requirements? Please don't say I need a newer version of Android. The motorola team already said it isn't coming.
+Robert Peña I think you have the same issue that others have regarding a problem we had with our requirements. We just fixed that and I uploaded a new version. It'll probably take about 1 hour to go online and be available. Look for version 1.4.1 :)
Thanks +Josh Haftel  I'll check back later.

Checked back, still requires 4.0+. Guess I'll have to look somewhere else.
Just got to play with it real quick. (Currently at work. Oh well, it's art related and I work at a museum so that'll be my excuse. :P ) I'm really liking this. Still need to play with my favorite type of shooting/processing, B&W, but I suspect it should work out better than my current options available on mobile.
Wow! Quick updates! Thanks +Josh Haftel ! Hope the Nexus 7's compatibility update goes live soon. :-) 
bro mi
Hell what did you use in this photo editor so it needs 4.0+?
Good job google, you are no better than Apple now. But with Apple i would at least have most recent iOS in a couple years since my phone came out, and you know how much 2.2-2.3 is still out there?
Its more than 50%.

Good Job, Good job guys.
That's a very good news indeed, thanks
OK folks, things are changing slowly. If you got a message on your device that your device is not compatible, go to the link below on your computer. Then, click install and select your device from the list. The 1.4.1 will show up there and will let you install onto your Nexus 7 remotely. I just did it and it worked :)
No way!!! I'm searching Google Play and cannot see it. Any restrictions for Brazil?
+Gavroche Fukuma 

No, but searching takes a long time to update brand new apps (up to 3 days by some accounts). Use the link I posted above
It is live in the Play Store for the Nexus 7 Now... just downloaded it.
Broken. Searching on the app on my Nexus 7 [update: OR my LG Optimus Android phone] takes me to books on photography using 'the iPad.' What's an iPad?

Google's search smart and everything else stupid, apparently.

What kind of company pumps out a huge amount of press agentry on new services -- and then, when folks go looking for them, zip, nada, bupkis? If it was on the WWW, Google could probably find it.

But on their own store? Nope. That's too hard.

Damn, sometimes it's hard to believe I was one of the biggest Google fanboiz around.

Most companies put their trousers on one leg at a time. Google just stops after one leg more often than not.

Seriously, Google. Get it together. You're wearing my patience very thin.
Lies, lies. I read another article that said it was compatible with ICS or LATER. Lie. 
I had to use the link as well for a Acer 500.  Seems like the search function in Google Play is a bit messed up.
I was having issues installing earlier - actually sideloaded it at first. Waited for the update & now I am able to install it from Play.
It's even better on nexus 7 then the version on my Galaxy S3. Great app
So cool - just posted my first pic! Just love it!
bro mi
+Eugene Lishnevsky да я расслаблен. Но чарты никуда от этого не делись. Равно как и прожорливость 4 ветки.
Confirmed working on both my Acer A500 and Samsung G3.  Only issue was Google Play store would not find it in a search.  Going to the link above found it no problem.   
I really love this on my iPad, so happy it's now on my Android phone too!  But I gotta say, the two things I love about Instagram are being able to share it with Twitter and FB from within the app (LOVE that Snapseed has G+!), and the lack of options you have.  Yes, you read that right.  I can take a photo and within 2 minutes or less have found a filter that works well and shared it with everyone.  Snapseed takes longer to edit it and then I have to launch other apps to share it with Twitter and FB.  Yes, I do have more control over the photo and can create something better than with Instagram.  What I'm saying is I'm not taking these photos to win contests or create something I want to hang on my wall - I have my nice dslr for that.  I'm wanting to share fun things with my friends around the world RIGHT NOW and I don't want to spend a lot of time doing it.

It would be nice if Snapseed maybe had another option that is a bunch of presets, starting places if you will.  Sometimes those presets will do the job you want and you're done, sometimes you'll want to do more work.  But what makes Instagram work is how dead simple it is.  I like Snapseed much better, will still use it on my iPad and definitely on my Android phone, and look forward to seeing it grow.  :)
How long will this be free in Google Play? I got a Nexus 10, but my wife put it in the closet and won't let me touch it until Christmas.
+Richard Uchytil Great feedback, thanks! Just to be sure, you can share directly to Twitter and FB from within Snapseed. On Android, the Share feature is found within the overflow menu found at the upper-right part of the screen. On iOS 6, you have to enable the networks within the system settings.
Oh cool. Thanks. I thought it was just a special or something. Sweet!
Works like a charm on my Nexus 4 & 7 - thanks for such an awesome app!
+Snapseed Sharing to Google+ on my iOS app for the iPhone isn't working. Is there a workaround for this?
Guys! The share to Google+ function is not working for the iPhone app. Living the app so far. And I agree with some if the other comments, thee should be some preset filters ready to use. Would speed up the process for quickly sharing pics. Thanks!!!
+John Chavez I agree 100%! Preset filters would be awesome and a lot easier especially if you are on the go.
There are a tonne of preset filters on Snapseed - one just needs to learn
the app. But the beauty and power of the app is for micro adjustments -
Presets simply don't compare.
+Simon Tomek you're right, the beauty & power of the app is for micro adjustments and presets simply don't compare.  What I was trying to say is when I'm on the go and quickly want to share a photo with my friends, Instagram is very easy and the filters give me something worth sharing.  Snapseed takes more time.  If I'm sitting somewhere and have the time to edit the photo I'd definitely use Snapseed instead!  When I was at Disneyland with my family this summer I took a TON of photos - both with my dslr and my phone.  I used Instagram because I could very quickly take a photo, apply a filter that made the photo look good, and share it on Twitter & FB - while walking in 2 minutes or less.  Again, what makes Instagram so popular is how easy it is and how little you can do with it.  Depending on what you are trying to do, less can be better.
Could you please release a Windows RT version?
Thank you Nik Software!
I am so sick of those Instagram/Hipstamatic premade preset filters.

With Snapseed you can improve your photos (and even dSLR ones!) and not just cover everything in cross processing grime and artificial dust.
My favorites in Snapseed (not all together of course):
- selective adjust, brightness (to compose the image, put a bit of focus on the subject)
- Tune Image, Ambience (for subtle local contrast adjustment)
- Drama 1 (for more local contrast, tune down the effect until seams disappear)
- Center Focus, Vignette (but keeping it subtle, no black aura)
- Details, structure (improving slightly muddy shots with a bit of structure and a pinch of pleasing noise)
- Black & White, neutral, grain max on 5 (combined with Drama and Center Focus you can get a nice hand-developed look)

Favorite combo:
1. Drama 1 or Tune Image with Ambience & Brightness
2. Optional: Selective Adjust to darken if the background is too busy
3. Details, structure: a tiny bit
4. Center Focus Vignette if needed
5. Go color or use B&W tool.

I don't use the presets in Grunge/Vintage/Retrolux very often, they are well done but I want to retain as much image quality as possible and it's a bit sad to just cover a good image in dust/scratches and funny color casts.
+philippe schlossberg I kind of agree (EDIT: to your post about presets).
But we'll see what Google makes out of Snapseed:
Introducing the Google+ integration and the new Retrolux presets, it could be that Google wants to position Snapseed as a direct competition for Facebooks Instagram service.

And as you can see from some of the comments, this may resonate with part of the Google+/Snapseed users who wish for a better Instagram that works with Google+ and other services. And while I use Snapseed very differently, I can follow their reasoning...

But I really don't care what they add as long as they leave Nik's top-notch adjustment effects in and don't force people to sign up for anything to use the App's features...
I'm having major issues with pixilation on 8megapixel in cropped files? Had same issue on ios will this be fixed as I have waited so long for this on Android it really is to me the ultimate photos editor
+Snapseed Has the app been made available only for users in the U.S. currently? I can't find it in my Google Play store.
+Raja Mitra - If you can not find Snapseed listed in Google Play, it is most likely because it is currently incompatible with your device. Also, Snapseed requires Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later. ^Laurie
+ I have filled and format for this as the file is 8megapixel but the image is fine just the grunge overlay is pixelated almost like the resolution of the transparent overlay isn't high enough for 8megapixel images +Snapseed 
+ I have filled and format for this as the file is 8megapixel but the image is fine just the grunge overlay is pixelated almost like the resolution of the transparent overlay isn't high enough for 8megapixel images +Snapseed 
I felt crippled since I moved from iOS to Android until today....thank you....finally...its here....OMG...btw, when will you allow us to zoom/pan into the photo during editing and save in bigger sizes?
Can anyone at snapseed please help me? I've emailed support and 2 days later still no response :( 
Please add ability to +mention people in your Google+ sharing. Thanks!
I added Snapseed to my Galaxy Note 2 but I'm don't know how to use it on an image I've taken with my Note.
I'm able to use Snapseed but I'm not sure how to share the modified image on Facebook now.
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