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Have you tried the new HDR Scape in Snapseed yet? 

Read this quick overview on the available controls for creating a single-image, tone-mapped image that brings out details with stunning results.
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Nice shot. HDR Scape really brings this type of image alive. 
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Great album by +Karthik Nagaraj at a recent Google+ 2 Anniversary Photowalk in San Francisco. This demonstrates that by using Google Glass along with Snapseed to postprocess, you can get some wonderful results!

#googleglass   #snapseed   #googleplusphotowalk  
The +Google+ 2 anniversary photowalk was awesome in my own little way. This time even though I was all equipped with a 5DMKIII I thought I would do something different. Shoot pictures on the walk through my Glass (+Project Glass). Of course these are +Snapseed ed to my taste and liking. Enjoy them for I totally enjoyed shooting and processing them.

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I'll look up snapseed, nice pics! 
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Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at this very creative collection of images enhanced with Snapseed by +Steven Wright
I've been cruising around & focusing on mobile exclusive edits. Here a few from recent days, using my Canon #1100D, transfer with Eye-Fi, and edit using Snapseed. 

#Melbourne   #EyeFi   #SnapSeed  
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Hello. Is a new version with TIFF or PNG or JPG 100% saving on the way ?
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Did you know that there is a Snapseed Community where you can share your Snapseed images with us?

Get inspired, share, and we might showcase your image!

Thank you +Edward Conde for sharing what filters you used in #snapseed  to post-process your image. 
Happy Together [Fatty Frame]

This was shot with my E-PL2 and my Pentax 50mm f1.7 lens. I used my reverse macro adapter to get real close... A very budget way to get some extreme macro.

Processed with #Snapseed
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+Snapseed is that community which u mentioned above is created by snapseed (official)?
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Walking down the streets of New York and processing with Snapseed. +Gaurav Pandit has the right idea when it comes to mobile photography!
Walking around in the neighborhood.

#perrystreet #nyc #newyork #snapseed #streetphotography
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+goff okere Don't know what you call a filter, just adjusted contrast and added a bit of "drama".
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Stumbled onto this great little story in the Daily Mail (UK) about Photographer +Andrew Whyte and his unique project to document Portsmouth (the UK's only island city and birthplace of Charles Dickens) from the perspective of a tiny LEGO "tourist." Awesome mobile phone shots, edited with... you guessed it... Snapseed. ;-) ^KLR
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If you loved Snapseed for the Desktop, you'll love our new editing tools within Google+! (Read about this new release below).
Get creative with the new photo editing tools in Google+

Sometimes a photo needs a little extra touch to truly stand out. To help you customize your images, we’re launching new photo editing tools right within Google+. They’re all based on the power of Snapseed, and available in the Chrome browser (thanks to its Native Client technology). Here are a few of the fun things you can do:

* Auto Enhance already makes the photos you add to Google+ look great. Now you can customize and fine tune these adjustments if you have a different look in mind.
* Selective adjust lets you make edits to specific parts of your image, so you can make that summer sky look even more blue without affecting the beach in the foreground.
* Filters like Vintage, Drama, Retrolux or Black and White give your photos a new look. Add the finishing touch with a frame.

To give the new editing tools a try, open one of your own photos in Chrome and click on “Edit” in the lightbox. You can always undo any changes you make or revert to the original image.

If you're not using the Chrome browser, you can still crop and rotate your photos in Google+ -- in fact we're making these basic editing options easier to find up front, right next to the "Edit" button. And of course on mobile, Snapseed-inspired editing is available in both the Android and iOS Google+ apps.

p.s. We're rolling out these updates gradually, so check back soon if you don't see them yet. #googleplusupdate  
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I am trying to get this to work here in the U.K.
Is there a regional limitation to this feature in G+ please?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Laptop Editor's Choice (2013)

Thought we would share this review with you!
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Not exactly the case.  It just moved:
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Making an old photo look older with #snapseed! Thank you for sharing +Pedro Ricardo on the Snapseed Community page:
Old pic taken with a ericsson phone (2 mp camera) edited with +Snapseed ...
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very good and lovely...
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+Michael Zieschang has the right idea... try converting your color images to black and white in Snapseed or add a creative filter to get a different look. 
1 flower, 2 photos, 2 versions
Which one do you like better ?

#dandelionpoker #iphoneography
#mofomo #mymobilemonday
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Great works guys, one thing - B&W filters are crashing predictably on my Nexus 7 LTE 2013~ cause a reboot every time
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+Josh Haftel  10:20 AM  -  Public
We just added some of Snapseed's functionality into G+ for iOS!

And in even more news, we also updated Snapseed for iOS to 1.5.2 adding in the ability to adjust frame widths and Snapseed for Android to 1.5, bringing feature parity with Snapseed for iOS (brining Retrolux and the new Frames filters) along with bug fixes on both platforms.

All of these products are free and available in the respective mobile stores!
In addition to this morning's announcements about Nik Software, we also have exciting new releases of Google+ for Android and iPhone. 

Available in the next hour from both App Store and Google Play! #googleplusupdate 
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Hello. Is a new version with TIFF or PNG or JPG 100% saving on the way ?
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Join me today, Laurie Rubin, for a 'live' Creative Fun with Snapseed - Wednesday, February 13, 2013 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PST ^LAR
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Hi Cindy, if you use Chrome as your browser, upload some pics to your google plus account, then click edit you'll find snapseed starts. Cannot download as a program to your pc. :)
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