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Are you getting connected to the NBN?

If you currently subscribe to an Alarm Monitoring Service odds are you are going to need to make a change to your Alarm System.

For most customers, the NBN entirely replaces any existing landline connections at your premises, severing the ability of your alarm to be monitored using a standard phone line when the existing copper lines are switched off (usually a few months after the NBN is available).

To remedy this, we fit a GPRS Monitoring Module to your alarm which enables monitoring via the data mobile network, removing the need for a fixed-line entirely.

This has the added benefit of not only improving the capabilities and reliability of your alarm system but also removes all phone call charges from your monitoring service and provides you a security monitoring service which can survive the power or communication cables being cut to your property, deterring even the most sophisticated of thieves. It is the only solution that meets all the Australian Standards and is used widely by liquor stores, jewellers and other high security locations.

So along with your fast, new internet service, you can cut down a portion of your monitoring costs and get a better service to boot!

Switching your alarm to an NBN compatible monitoring service cannot be achieved through your telecommunication provider - you need a Licensed Security Operator. We are the experts in NBN compatible Alarm Monitoring and guarantee to beat any competitor quote in helping you make the switch.

Call us now on (08) 9302 0000 or email with your requirements and we will help you make the switch.
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Are you curious to see just how secure your home is?

Take our Home Security Quiz and we will provide you with your home security score and what you can do to improve it.
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Five Common Burglary Myths Busted.

With over 140,000 instances of theft, burglary and robbery reported in WA last financial year there is good reason to be mindful of our security.
How aware are you of the truths and myths behind these burglary stats? In this post we bust 5 common security myths.

Myth #1 Most Break-In’s occur at night.
In the movies breaks-ins almost always occur at night using darkness as a cover to enter the home. Most people believe this but the majority of burglaries actually occur during the day - only 25% of break in's occur at night. Daybreak burglaries tend to be more common as most burglars would prefer to stay away from building where people are likely to be present.

Myth #2 Most Break-In’s occur through windows.
Though it is a common belief that burglars break in through a window, doors are actually the most common point of entry in home burglaries.
Over 60% of home burglaries occur through a door approximately a third of which are made through doors that have been left unlocked!

Myth #3 Burglars take a lot of time to break into homes.
Burglars are opportunists who choose homes that are easy targets. Homes without any apparent security system, homes of people who work fulltime and homes with poorly secured entry points. In many situations, a burglar can breach a poorly secured door in only 10 seconds. Most burglaries last only a matter of minutes as burglars quickly get in and out to cut down their chance of detection.

Myth #4 Locking your house is enough to keep burglars at bay.
While we noted that most burglaries happen through doors (often unlocked), keeping a house locked up still leaves you vulnerable. Unauthorised entries may still occur via breaking a window and climbing through or even via roof entry.

Myth #5 Home Security Systems don’t discourage burglars.
This is a big one. Most thieves will actively keep away from a property seen to be secured with an alarm and to a lesser extent CCTV. Why take the risk if the house next door doesn’t have an alarm? They can break in without the fear that a Security Monitoring Station is sending the police to catch them red handed!

For the very best in security make sure you are doing more than hoping for the best. Locked and secure doors and windows and a quality Home Alarm with Perimeter Sensors will provide you with the very best in home protection.
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The State of Crime in WA

The latest annual crime report for financial year 2015-2016 paints a torrid picture of crime in WA and what is sure to be a hot election issue in the upcoming state election.

In particular crimes of burglary (up 8%), theft (up 7%) and property damage (up 10%) have experienced their biggest annual increase in living memory. In all, for crimes involving theft and damage there were an additional 12,772 incidents state-wide. Worse still the majority of perpetrators remained unidentified and unpunished with arrest and sanction rates less than 1 in 3.

WA Police Commisioner

WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has used the report to call for more police officers saying “we need more than we have got to keep a lid on Perth crime".

Being robbed or having your property damaging is a harrowing and unsettling experience that no-one should have to face and we feel these crime statistics are unacceptably high and sanction rates unacceptably low.

Unfortunately, though these statistics are themselves probably an under-estimation of the scale of the problem with many smaller acts of vandalism and theft often going unreported as shop and home-owners realise that with police services so stretched only higher level crimes can be a priority.

This being the case we believe it is important that we all do what we can to improve our security and safety at home and at work. Time and time again crime studies show that homes and businesses with higher levels of security are burgled, damaged and robbed at rates far lower than their less protected neighbours. If you or your neighbours’ security is not up to scratch why not get us out for a free security audit? If we take away the easy targets, we’ll be doing our bit to take the load off our hard-working police force.

The full police crime report can be downloaded from our website.
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Did you know that as well as Security Monitoring we also have a Fire Monitoring service for businesses?

Visit our Fire Monitoring page or call our our office on 08 9202 3822 and find out how our service can up your protection and reduce your bills.…/commercial-fire-monitoring/
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Are you going away on holiday soon? Secure your home before you go away with our comprehensive tips:
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Is a bargain always a bargain?
At SMS Security we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and fair pricing but often find ourselves competing against offers that simply seem too good to be true and almost always are.
Checkout the photos on this post of a local installation completed by our competitors - notice the cameras look over into the neighbours yard? This is a direct breach of the law and regulations governing the industry which dictate cameras can not be installed where they directly observe a neighbours property and breach their privacy.
The home owner in this case can be sued and ordered to relocate the cameras at their own expense (a simple call from the neighbour to the police will do the trick).
Of great concern is the security company completing this work had no idea their installation breached the law until we informed them.
Additionally they are not even WA Police Licensed which means they have not passed security checks and that makes any work they do illegal (with the installers up for a $10,000 fine per instance).
If they don’t know the rules of the Security Industry, or have not even bothered to study and achieve the required licenses one has to ask what else they don't know or get wrong with their work?
Sometimes you get what you pay for.
Before signing for a Security System ensure your provider is WA Police Licensed:

We are, and you can trust us to complete all installations professionally according to industry standards. Our security consultants are available 7 days on 08 9202 3822.
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Did you know that April 1st is the day designated by the Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) to check and replace Smoke Alarm Batteries?

When a house fire starts, only working Smoke Alarms can provide the critical early warning needed to save lives and minimise damage.

Taking the time to check and maintain your Smoke Alarms is the best way to prevent fires in your home and DFES recommends setting a reminder on April 1st to check your smoke detector and replace batteries at this time of year using a high quality long-life battery.

For households without Smoke Alarms or who are open to upgrading to the best in home fire security we recommend installing a 240-volt mains-powered photo-electric smoke alarm.

Smoke Alarms should be located in all sleeping areas and all paths of travel between sleeping areas and exits to open air.

All Smoke Alarms have a maximum service life of ten years and need to be replaced. Do you know when your smoke alarm was installed?

For assistance with Smoke Alarms this April 1st and beyond don't hesitate to call us at SMS Security. We can install Mains Powered Smoke Alarms, replace Smoke Alarm Batteries and even arrange off-site Smoke Alarm Monitoring in conjunction with your Security Alarm.
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Thanks to the guys at HomeImprovement2Day we have been awarded a place in their Top 25 Most Popular Home Improvement Specialists.

Our Customer said "All we needed was a battery change, and these guys were excellent the whole way through - the office team were quick to call back, the tech was early, and the price was less than another guy told us his call out fee was! Will definitely use again and recommend."…/sms-security-22788.…
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Our Top Activities For Australia Day and a Special Security Tip

Our Top 7 Australia Day Holiday Recommendations:

1. Attend the City of Perth Skyworks Event
2. Catch Something Unusual at Fringeworld
3. Have a BBQ in Kings Park
4. Enjoy a Coffee in Fremantle
5. Party On at a Triple J Hottest 100 Party
6. Grab Some Tucker at the Maylands Hawker Markets
7. Check Out Summerset at Scarborough Beach

Our One Big Important Australia Day Security Tip

Just because your taking a holiday don’t assume everyone is doing the same. West Australian Police will tell you that Australia Day is a peak period for thieves and it is important to take extra precautions on such a common day for theft and break ins.

Make Sure Your Alarm Is On!

And if you have Alarm Monitoring be sure to have your key holders up to date. And if you don't have Alarm Monitoring events like Australia Day highlight how important it is.

Picture the scene, throughout the day your street has emptied as you and other families have left to find a spot at the sky show or to another celebration. Dogs have been at home alone bark at each other and kick up a racket, getting warmed up to truly let loose when the fireworks begin. The nosey or aware neighbour that would usually be there to report an incident is elsewhere or ignoring the cacophony of barks and sirens that some with the night knowing they can't all be break ins. Meanwhile criminals have a field day picking over the most vulnerable houses with a much greater degree of confidence  knowing they are far more likely to remain undetected on this night than an ordinary night, especially with police preoccupied with party goers and traffic responsibilities.

Alarm Monitoring changes that picture, combined with a properly setup alarm, alarm monitoring is like a live human-being watching your property every moment ready to call in the necessary support and protection to your property.

A Monitored Alarm will keep you and your property safer, that is the reason why insurance companies provide the largest discounts for Monitored Alarms. It reduces the size of the cheque they have to write out after a burglary.

For further information please call us on 08 9202 3822.
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