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I'm the village idiot. I don't have anything to do with this pathetic little opera, I just felt like passing through.
I'm the village idiot. I don't have anything to do with this pathetic little opera, I just felt like passing through.

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, here's the challenge:

- Component speakers in the 50 watts RMS range with a mounting opening of less than 5".
- An 8 or 10 inch, shallow box sub-woofer
- A 4 channel, 100 watt RMS amplifier (two channels to drive the component speakers, bridge the remaining two channels to drive the sub).
- Amp must have bluetooth as this will be a headless unit (an AM monoual radio will be connected to the amp line in).

Assume money no object, what are the recommendations?

Hangouts was finally useful. That seems to be the critical point at which Google determines to change it. Time to find a new platform.

1963 Chevy C10. Has anyone used the metal below the rear window to mount speakers in? That is, cut holes and turned that space into a speaker bar?

I want to install a completely headless audio system through which I can play the vehicle original AM radio and/or connect my Android phone via bluetooth as the primary music/content source. I am looking at the Infinity Kappa K5. I plan to run Infinity 3.5 inch Reference speakers and the 3/4 inch tweeters as well as a subwoofer. Or possibly the KAPPA 50.11CS set up.

My limitation on speakers is that my preferred location only allows for about 4 inches of width.

Anyone done anything similar?

By way of introduction, I'm an old guy with an old truck that I'm building. I'm hanging out here to find Subject Matter Expert guidance in designing and installing a solid sound system invisibly.

Be nice to the old guy.

I like G+ better than Facebook.

I want access to Hangouts IN Google+. Without it, G+ is far less useful.

Ugh! I took a system update that said it was 16.04 and it installed Plasma 5! Now I have to reinstall back to 4.

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Looking for an #agriculture podcast? Here are the Top 12 on my playlist. #agchat

During the past year, I’ve put a few miles in, whether running on the treadmill and trails, or driving down the highway. One of the best ways to pass time is by listening to podcasts or audiobooks. There is a huge selection of podcasts on a wide array of…

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For unto us a Child is born,
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