What do you get when you cross artist Gavin Turk with a creative Paris pad? An amazing hotel review! We despatched him and his real-life Mrs Smith, Deborah Curtis, to the city of Light to bring back their very own fairy-tale from the Starck-spangled Royal Monceau hotel. Here's a sneak peek of their review…

'As Paris drew nearer, it's as though we were transported through the wardrobe into Narnia and our train skated through arctic fog and blizzards. Arriving at the Gare du Nord, we found ourselves being whisked through the snowy streets of Paris to the grand avenues of the 8th arrondissement and pulling up in front of the glowing lights and smiling uniforms of weekend retreat: Le Royal Monceau. Here the Narnia metaphor morphed into Alice in Wonderland as we entered the fantasy world of Philippe Starck’s interpretation of Paris’ Twenties’ heyday.

I remember now that I was invited to a Demolition Party at this very hotel a few years ago. The renovation has been brutal and brave: the faded grandeur of this landmark palace (that, since 1928, has hosted characters from Walt Disney and Ernest Hemingway to Maurice Chavalier and Madonna), was ceremonially and joyously ripped apart, with Philippe Starck and his team moving in the very next day to perform his rabbit hole transformation.

The ghosts of the great and the good occupy these hallways, a Louboutin heel-click from the Champs Elysées, captured for posterity by the many, many mirrors. And, if the reflective surfaces of chrome, glass and stainless steel, discombobulate you, the baroque armchairs and a wall of mussel shells bring you back to down to earth…'

Read the full Gavin Turk review of Le Royal Monceau hotel on the Mr & Mrs Smith site: http://bit.ly/ynTIho
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