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Teach your kids to use a pea-sized bit of toothpaste, and brush gently.

Don't introduce toothpaste until age 2 - just brush gently with water.

Your child should visit the dentist by the first birthday to identify fluoride needs and issues (thumb sucking)

We are pleased to welcome our new staff members. Dr. Connar, Gail, Lindsey and Brandy. We put pictures of our these new team members in our photo albums.

A child's dental care begins before birth - consume plenty of calcium-rich foods such as leafy greens, fortified cereals, and dairy or soy products.

If you can't brush your teeth after eating or drinking sugar, swish water around in your mouth to balance the PH. You may also chew sugar free gum to stimulate salivary flow and balance APAH.

Avoid sugary drinks, such as sodas, juices, and sweet tea. This is the leading cause of tooth decay.

Don't brush too hard. This can lead to receding gums and oversensitive teeth. Use an electric toothbrush instead, since it will limit the amount of pressure and do a better job cleaning.

Don't forget to bring your insurance card with you when you visit if we don't have it on file. Thanks!

Brush your teeth before visiting us but don't over brush - you don't want your gum bleeding.
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