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Check our coolest apps in our site....For this link and start playing with your photos...!!
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Should check it awesome app!!!
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Check out this cool app...and secure your personal photos, videos, audios and text safely with this...!!
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Check out the new version of Photo Collage....And play with your photos..!!!

Photo Collage:
It’s a rich collage app with photo editing options and a wonderful user friendly Interface.
You can make collage of up to 10 photos.
There are more than 10 design or templates for any number of photos. However you have to purchase to use some templates.

** It’s a free App without any ad, keep the support. You have to purchase only once to use all features and it’s really cheap.

Awesome features:
1. Rotate photo in collage
2. Positioning your photo inside the collage
3. Tap on any photo inside the collage to get change and edit options
4. Change frame background color
5. Add overlay color
6. Add text, sticker, filters and many more…
7. Save and Share.

Download Now:

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Turn your iPhone into a wireless, mobile external hard drive! 

All you need to do is type in the given iPhone URL into your web browser, and you are instantly connected for transferring files. 

File Via WiFi also lets you store thousands of Music, PDF, Photos, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and plain text files on your iPhone for viewing documents, articles, memos, outlines, papers, scripts, and speeches while anywhere. 

With File Via WiFi, you can experience the freedom of having instant access to thousands of important documents, articles, memos, papers, and notes right in your pocket. 

File Via WiFi runs on both the iPhone and iPod touch. 

Requires a connection to a Wi-Fi network to your PC. 

It's very EASY to use and the app is absolutely FREE!!! 

=== Features ===

File Manager 
√ Folder management 
√ Automatic classification and rename of folders 
√ Copy, move and delete files 

File Share 
√ Transfer files through Wi-Fi connection 
√ Download and upload files with ease 
√ iTunes file sharing folder support 
√ Send multiple files as email attachments 
√ Open files with other supported apps installed in the device 
√ Share files via Dropbox 

Music Player 
√ Music playback of mp3, wav, m4a and many other formats 
√ Get our cool music player to avail playlist, repeat, shuffle and other cool stuffs [Available only on paid version] 

PDF Viewer 
√ Default PDF viewer for PDF reading 
√ Get our cool PDF viewer to avail cool stuffs [Available only on paid version] such as: 
√ Fast rendering speed for PDF viewer 
√ Stylish way of reading PDF files 
√ Split/Grid view for all the pages in a PDF document for easy viewing 
√ Quickly open PDF files from email, the web, or any app that supports "Open In..." 
√ Easy zoom in option while reading the PDF file for a closer view 
√ Support for portrait and landscape modes Page navigation 
√ Quick page browsing 
√ Select single page or continuous scroll modes 
√ Bookmark a page or pages in a PDF document and this feature is useful particularly for a PDF document containing large number of pages 

Photo Viewer 
√ Default photo viewer for photo viewing 
√ Get our cool Photo viewer to avail cool stuffs [Available only on paid version] such as: 
√ Full Featured Photo Viewer that supports major image formats 
√ Cool photo slideshow 
√ See all photos in a single view and many more 

… and much more. Feel free to explore and enjoy the incredible possibility we built within our app.
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