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Sleep Apnoea Got Your Tongue? 

If you notice that you wake up with blood in your mouth or cuts on your tongue, you may have been chewing your tongue during your sleep. Often patients who are mouth breathers are highly susceptible to Sleep Apnoea and often wake up regularly throughout the night. These spontaneous arousals often result in movement of the mouth, sometimes clenching of the jaw or grinding of the teeth, So before you patch up your tongue and tape down your mouth, come into Sleep Centres of Australia and get tested using a Home Sleep Study device. For more information, contact our Sleep Respiratory Therapists on 9252 6144.

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While the media have made us all too aware of "microsleeps" while driving a car or a truck, stop for a moment to consider the story of a pilot who fell asleep whilst navigating a plane!

Free Sleep Apnoea Education Session

The Topics Covered:

- What is sleep apnoea? An insight into sleep apnoea research.

- How to best care for a CPAP Machine - cleaning and maintenance, how to clean the water chamber, tips for eliminating build up in the water chamber etc.

- How to best care for a CPAP Mask – Getting a good mask seal, cleaning and care procedures for your mask 

- Questions and Answer Session with an experienced Sleep Scientist and Sleep Consultant

There are limited spaces available so register now to secure your spot!!

To register for the event please phone Sleep Centres of Australia on 9252 6144 or email

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Who should have a Sleep Study?

Why is it so important to recognise the signs and symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea?
What is a CPAP Machine?
How can a dental device help?
Who should have a Sleep Study?
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