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If you like +mypaint but you are not Linux user, you may want to know that there is working (I just checked on win7 64bit) build that includes new features like symmetry painting or various types of lines. You can find it in this thread:

or simply go straight to download here:

You don't have to install it, just unpack and have fun. Thank you "ion12", whoever you are. As much as I love the software I hate that "well if you cant make a build then its your problem - use linux". Blah.
New Windows-Build with Symmetry and Straight Lines please!!!
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I think every paint programs needs a symmetry paint option - like Deluxe Paint on the Amiga.
I am extremely surprised that Photoshop still doesn't have this option.. Jeez.. I would prefer that over some gimmick 3D that I will use 3 times a year just to realize that I better do things in dedicated 3D software...
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