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Needs to get the subject changed from Bain. About the only thing he can do now is deflect.
Rob Go
There's a lot of idiots to pick from.
It really makes no difference where jobs went while he was at Bain. His job was to make money for his investor's in whatever legal manner he deemed necessary. And, from all accounts, he did a very good job of doing just that. Where's the outrage with Obama use of billions of taxpayer money for investments into company's overseas for the purpose of "building American jobs"? The european and asian companies he gave tax money to either went belly up or decided not to bring jobs to America as originally claimed. Again, there's our taxes going for Obama's pet projects, of which none have returned any positive results for the American people. Mainstream media tends to shy away from those stat's...I wonder why? Duh!
+Phil McCloud Then why doesn't Romney just say that instead being such a vacillating little weasel?  I was only CEO on paper?  I retired retroactively? 
Romney's problem is Romney. When you see a dead fish you immediately think you smell it whether it actually is smelling or not. This is what is happening to the poor ole guy. The Bain business seems like it ought to stink.

Due to the conflicting nature of good old paperwork it really will take a doozy of a running mate, such as another Palin, to draw attention away from Bain. At this point it is the appearance of something crooked that is drawing the attention. Only business people and accountants will ever get there was probably nothing illegal going on.
+Vicky Galloway Perhaps.  But that's because the business people and accountants are in on this responsibility-free casino culture that produced the 2008 financial meltdown.  

The whole point of the title CEO is that that's the person in charge and responsible.  We now have pro-forma CEO's that aren't legally responsible for their company's actions??? 
Well, if corporations are people aren't they responsible for themselves? Just kidding. Seriously, Rick I don't like how things are done now. I think it is wrong. If your name is on the paperwork as CEO you should be held responsible. I was just referring to how things really work rather than how they should, or used to be before things went off the rails.

Notice I stated in my first post there was "probably" nothing illegal. Unfortunately we most likely will never know as we can't even get more than two years tax returns out of the guy.
Accountability comes from both sides of the aisle.  If Congress can make a concerted effort to remotely work together to trim back the fat from an over bloated government the citizens would feel so much more  as having a voice.  This is not only solely dependent upon interaction with the public but a willingness from elected officials to change the public opinion of themselves.

First and foremost, it's not the fault of one party over the over neither is it a "rich vs. poor" issue but it's an obligatory issue for the elected officials to gain the public trust as our founding fathers had envisioned.
Once an elected official looks beyond not only the media fluff but also their own mistakes and take responsibility things will change.  We have so many laws and sometimes far too many but it is the those vary laws which must not only apply to the public but more importantly to those who hold public office.

Money one way or the other has been a big issue this election cycle but we must all concede that their are rich people who made it big because they wanted to and just as well that will always be the case however we've seen a plethora of criminal activity which dwarfs all common sense in the last decade and this has been uncovered from all angles and from both sides of the aisle.  It's unfortunate that we've been flooded with those situations however no matter how much a candidate possesses in personal wealth it doesn't make them the wrong candidate and conversely we can't simply rely on rhetoric to pull the public into one side or the other based upon wealth.

As a nation made up of all races and religions we still need to make sure that our most cherished documents signed by our founding fathers don't end up merely as a museum exhibit.
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