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Active-duty American troops are now committing suicide at a rate of nearly one a day.
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Wait? What does one a day mean? Is that higher than the average population?  I remember reading that statistically, when you consider the typical accidental death rate for 18-23 years old, it was safer to be deployed than home and unenlisted. 
i say we just pull our troops and some friendlies out and nuke the place as revenge for the towers
2002 stats for US suicides, irrespective of demographics, was 10.3 for every 100k people. If we extrapolate this number to us troops, and assume there are 1 - 1.5 million active duty troops, we would expect to see a suicide every 2 to 3 days, on average.

These are pretty loose figures, but it seems clear to me at least, that our troops are killing themselves at least 2x the national average. Troubling, for sure, but considering the job they are asked to do and the conditions they work under, is anyone surprised?
I think the US army officers and soldiers are known of the facts that they can t kill more innocent people in great Aghanistan. It is natural when you are killing innocent no matter what is your religous but it is the demand of humunity.

There was not reason of attacking afghan soil for the sack of one so called terrorist Usman Bin Ladin and Who will give the answer of killing thousands of other innocent ciilians in the war. US shall must stop now the game of blood with muslims and specially pashtoons in Aghannistan and Pakistan.

You can never win from pashtoons, But when you will set with them and discuss the issue then we are living with our proud culture and tradation. Was is never the soution of any despute.

The doul nature and approach of US is indeed very shamful where on one side they said we want to being peace in the world which is safe from terrorits and on another side they are killing muslims.

No one can beat and win from Muslims we are rich in our history !
If more US soldiers are dying "by their own hand" than from combat, could it be argued -- in any sense -- that The Bad Guys are winning. Or have won?
So what is the US gaining by sending young Americans to Afghanistan to die. For What! Some government idiot wants to give freedom to a tribe that hates what we stand for. God Bless the troops but the idea to go to war and then not support them sickens me. At the least there should be an objective to the fight and our leader has already promised the bad guys we are leaving. So it seems to me that any of our troops tha die either by suicide as a result of pts or killed by the taliban are on his hands as the president.
So, war is good for the economy of billionaires and congressmen, right? What’s the problem? People aren’t people, corporations are people. 
It isn't even a war anymore; it is merely charging task-forces all along the Middle East to create a sense of political order there so we can protect Israel from all that is east of the Mediterranean, and in the same time try to keep our grips on the trade of oil between the Saudi's, Egyptians, and the rest of the Islamic world that have fossil fuel as the main income source that keeps them from totally becoming third world countries. Pathetic.
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