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One of the first Occupy cases to go to trial ended after video evidence directly contradicted the police's version of events.
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Hey +Slate what happened to the Google +1 link on your pages? You are losing shares.....
Um....where's the perjury charge against the officers?
What, another documented case of brutality against peaceful #OWS demonstrators? Surprise, surprise.
Not all police men and women are liars. They put their lives on the line everyday to help our communities by picking up the thiefs and murders; even the people who by doing things like the occupiers who disrupt business and people who ARE actually working and contributing to the economy.
Bullies grow up to be either cops or robbers. THat's how it's always been +Rachel Boffel. I'll agree that about half the cops are good people at heart, but they haven't the brains to tell the truth about the other half.
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