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The Pakistani doctor who helped catch Osama Bin Laden was lucky to avoid the death penalty for treason.
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And these bozos are our allies? Weak at best - criminal really.
Doctor Who captured Bin Laden? I think I missed that episode.
Isn't this guy more important to us than Chen Guangcheng?
I think we need to send the SEALS back over to get this dude.
In all seriousness though - We need to go get him.
Hmmm, Arrested for Treason. Why? I mean it's Osama Bin Laden, an international criminal. Why is it treasonous to expose this man? Was the state of Pakistan then responsible for hiding Bin Laden?

America needs to wake up. By chasing Osama Bin Laden so hard it has made him a hero. Sending Automated droids to blow up insurgents/police/hospitals in a sorta random way does not stop terrorism or encourage peace.

So before we send in the seal, which state is going to be hiding the next Bin Laden?
We should have extracted him. We knew that this was going to be an embarrassment to the Pakistanis. What did they think was going to happen?
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