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Got an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5.1.1 and want to be able to access Cydia? Check out the new Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak.
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You'll forget what #jailbreak is, when you start using superior platform #Android , because there are no jails to break!
Only root access to acquire! Android is by no means superior to iOS.
+Mark Vlcek root is acquired once... and it might be done by anyone who could follow point 1 to point 3.
About superiority: How many ROMs are available for iOS? What are the programs for upgrading and downgrading the CPU? As a "Kinda X based" how to increase or make swap? And what about free development and sharing?

After you answer this easy questions we'll talk about superiority =)
1) I don't need ROMs that are so often replaced by my friends on their Android devices because of how unstable/buggy they are, jailbreaking my iPhone keeps my phone stable but gives me much more freedom to customize my phone and augment its abilities.

2) Programs don't upgrade and downgrade the CPU..? CPU = hardware, programs = software, unless you're speaking of virtualization of course.

3) I'm not sure what you mean by "Kinda X based" but my best guess is that you're referring to Ext? Regardless, I never have to worry about increasing or making swap space on my iPhone.

4) Everyone is free to develop and share their software via the official App Store or Cydia.

Would you care to explain what makes Android superior to iOS? Notice I never said that iOS is superior to Android, I wasn't picking a fight, I simply said that Android definitely isn't superior to iOS.
+Mark Vlcek 1) That means: none. And just for your information most popular roms are as stable as rocks are.
2) That means: none. What i mean is downgrading CPU frequency. Just google it.
3) That means: you can't. Under X systems i mean X or UniX based systems.
4) What about third party developers?

Android as a superior OS could do all written above and more.
You cannot say that, cuz Android is superior :-D
iOS is awesome OS for my grandmother, but for a person who don't wanna be kept in "jail" - there's Android.
+Fidel Serrano

1) You're absolutely correct, I don't have any ROMs to download for iOS, and as I said they're completely unnecessary for me. Why would I want to download any ROMs? I can completely customize my user interface and modify virtually every aspect of my phone just by having it jailbroken.

2) You're incorrect on this one. I would never want to decrease the clock speed of my CPU (it's not called upgrading/downgrading which would imply a hardware-related modifcation, it's called overlocking or increasing/decreasing clock speed) but if I wanted to overclock my iPhone I could, but I don't need to.

3) Wrong again. We call that *nix, using the wildcard as a replacement for 'U' or "Li" as would be done if you were using a regex. I've never seen anyone use the phrase "X system" because quite frankly it isn't very meaningful. And still, I have no need to create or increase swap space on my device with 16 GB internal memory. You'll notice if you go to apply at places like Facebook or Google they'll use the term "*nix" and not "X system."

4) 3rd party developers are what make up the official App Store and Cydia app store. This is part of the reason that the Apple App Store has almost twice as many apps available than Google Play's Android Market (as of 2/2012 the Apple App Store had 725,000+ apps, as of 4/2012 Android Market had 425,000+ apps). I even just downloaded an open-source app this morning straight off of Google Code ( through mobile Safari with the help of iFile, yet another 3rd party app.

It's clear that you're not very familiar with iOS or what it's capable of when jailbroken. I'm trying to share facts with you and get facts from you but you're just being a troll and spewing nonsense. iOS as a "superior OS" could do all the above and much, much more as well. I can run the Social Engineering Toolkit in a mobile terminal on my phone, SSH into any of my Linux-based machines and copy/transfer files, remotely track my phone and have it automatically or manually take pictures of someone that may have stolen my phone and even turn on the microphone so that I can hear what's going on at any given moment, etc.
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