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$1,500 is a lot of money for +Project Glass 
Being an early-adopter is seldom cheap, but is Google having a laugh with its $1,500 Project Glass Explorer Edition? Put up for surprise pre-order at Google
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They're just prototype glasses in one of their earliest forms. The price points are always expensive until the technology and development improve. Relax. It's ok.
I thought very exclusive development prototypes were usually also very expensive?  How much is a development kit for a video game system before it comes out?
Still very much a prototype so the price is justifiable. However-- when these when these hit the streets, I'll pay up to $600, and even that will probably be too much once all the new excitement wears off.
Maybe it'll be subsidized like smart phones
Almost everything with a cellular radio gets sold subsidized in the US, so that wouldn't be surprising.

Would it be a cellphone replacement?
I think it's a bargain considering it's still a prototype. Also, registration for I/O was about $900 so if a company can send 2, 3 or 4 developers to the conference for 3 days then what is $1,500?
Registration gets "paid" for by all the free hardware they give out, heh.
Just read that the Google Glass prototypes used today actually don't have cell radios, they were tethered for their internet connection.
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