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Samsung Nexus 10 tablet apparently confirmed in a leaked quick-start manual.
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thank goodness Samsung and Google have realized speakers on the front is the only way to go...
Dual front facing speakers.  NICE!  
Volume rocker on top of the device (when viewed in landscape mode - as most people use 10" tablets) and next to the power button, and a proprietary connector, make me want to punch a puppy.  
Otherwise this looks pretty awesome.
Every time an engineer designs a proprietary connector, a unicorn dies.

What, you're saying unicorns arent real? You can thank Apple for that. 
A proprietary connector on a Nexus device? Ugh.
I'm sorry. I take back what I said. That doesn't look like a proprietary port. Seems like pogo pins for landscape docking. Regardless, the shape of the thing still bothers me. Luckily, I'm really not in need of a 10" tablet and the Nexus 7 is exactly what I'm looking for in many ways.
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