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Is Stephen Elop the killer ruining Nokia, or is he just what the doctor ordered?
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Quit fighting Elop. Just make some damn Android phones with a little Nokia twist to them. Get the money flowing in the right direction. Google's is not going away.
Has anyone started a Nokia dead pool yet?
A "genius"? Isn't it rather early to be saying stuff like that? If the guy actually does manage to turn Nokia around (which I doubt) then that statement might hold a little more weight...

Until then; it's ridiculous to call him a genius.
I can only agree with the article. I am sure nokia will make it, especially if it can keep getting money from microsoft and still (somehow) produce some android phones. I know that is just a fantasy, but certanly a great one :D
Well, he is doing things differently which is not wrong per se looking at how Nokia's old leadership completely missed the boat on modern smartphones (i.e. non-Symbian). but he seems way too stuck in his Microsoft's-way-or-the-highway thinking which can't be good in the long run.
+Stefan Mai - Nokia needs to produce both windows and Android phones. If they produced an Android phone then I'd buy on. People invest in a system/ecosystem these days...they don't invest in a hardware brand (in a simplistic view of course!).

Nokia picked the wrong ecosystem to get in bed with.
He is better then his predecessor for sure but a bit on the stubborn side for opt only Windows os and not Android as well. The company short coming is what had been done already such as the X series which runs on Symbian and the meego shit... Well, I hope he would learn to diversified Nokia portfolio further more!
I don't think they can produce wp7 phones at the same time as android, because of their contract with microsoft. They get millions for just implementing wp7
That's not the point, +Daniel Lukas Dienlin . Even if their contract said they couldn't produce Android phones, the point is that they shouldn't have agreed to those terms.

Not that I know for sure what is stated in the MS deal, of course.
That's exactly what I thought back then, but they can't change it now. It might not have been their best choice, but it could have been far worse, as they have proven with meego in the past.
Lets see ... He destroys Nokia's marketshare so that it goes to Micro$oft ... Forces Nokia to clean up internally instead of focussing on their core business ... Got M$ to give 1 Billion USD to get Nokia into bed ..... Nokia makes an almost 2 Billion USD loss just this quarter ??? .... Burning Platform my * .... He's burning out and clearing Nokia so that M$ can takeover the void left when Nokia dies. But now ... Android and Apple are moving so fast ... M$ aint gonna make it in time. BushFiring the entire forest just so you can get your 1 acre farm plot.
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