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Is a jerk.
Is a jerk.

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Oh noooooooes!

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I got dinner, chicken parm from scratch, in the oven last night at around midnight. Sometime near one, it still needed a bit of water boiled off, so I put on One Punch Man. I next woke up at 6. I hate it when I do that. I should hack my oven to add a microcontroller programmed as a failsafe.

Helped Other Eric thru hardtail mountain bikes the other day at work. Like what's what for the money. Specialized has their Rockhopper, the new Chisel, and last year's Epic HT. The Chisel is a great entry point, but they haven't released the whole line yet. It's an advanced aluminum HT with boost spacing, for XC or trail riding. The Rockhopper is a true entry bike. The Epic HT is an aluminum purebred race machine.

Adding a bit of complication, the Chisel Comp is specced just a bit behind the Epic HT in every way, but it's only $80 less wholesale. The Rockhoppper Pro is maybe 5/8ths the price of the Epic HT, but it's a one or two season "throwaway" if ridden seriously. Also, quick release wheels, and old standards abound. So he'll probably either end up with a 'throwaway' bike for a season, or go straight to absurdly good race machine.

Oh. This is the guy that crushes hills on his road bike. I guarantee he'd outpace me on any trail after he'd been out a handful of times.

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AHAHAHHAHAH! Someone could have benefitted from the range equation. Or more generally, 2d kinematics.

Phones are down at work! Fucking best day ever!

No wait. Bossman sent out an e-mail with the cell number of everyone on shift. Just to other stores, but still, no. Don't do that.

Musical crimes against humanity: A lounge beat cross-mix of No Diggity and Thrift Shop with self censored lyrics. Dooooone with that feed!

What can hang so thoroughly that long pressing the power, or pressing the reset button on the case doesn't power cycle the PC? I've been having to power cycle the PSU directly. That's only the motherboard that can effect that hard of a lock, no?

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Today in Literally Gilead...

One of the dudes on the team bought a Roubaix last month. No one had seen him riding it, and everyone thought that was weird, but no one read into it. A few days ago, he asked to use one of the team bikes for a local group ride instead of his TT bike. I said 'someone's already got that, and you just bought a Roubaix..." Bossman just messaged me. Today, dude's brother came in and said he was looking for some accessories and he got discounts thru his brother.

lol no? That's not how it works, and now your brother doesn't get discounts either.

OH SHIT! And now dude's brother is not the original purchaser of the bike, so he doesn't get the frame warranty, or the free adjustments (thru the shop) either!
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