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Is a jerk.


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I don't think i've mentioned this here, but I have worn out my C17 Cambium in under 2000 miles. It clicks, it wiggles, and its native state is 'skewed'. I got this to replace my B17 with 5000 miles on it, because i needed something more weatherproof. The B17 I sold to someone who continues to use it to this day. What's gone on is the back sort of arch thing no longer fits onto the seat rails with any security. If you grab it on the left and right, you can twist it near a centimeter at the edges. If you grasp the back of the arch and the center of the saddle, you can pivot it fore and aft at a similar rate. This is difficult to demonstrate while filming one handed, so here's me pushing the arch off the rails before popping it back down. Pretty sure I could pull the arch entirely off the rails.

The distributor is replacing it under warranty, but they don't have any more C17s, so they sent a credit memo. However, we're a corporate store, so there's no way for me to access that. It doesn't appear our distributor has any of the new "all weather" Cambiums in stock. Those are similar to the existing Cambiums, but use a fiberglass rear arch and nylon instead of cotton. Not sure how that will improve matters... They do have C13 158s, which are about half a centimeter narrower than a C17. A B17 Special (with copper clad rails and rivets) is similarly priced to a C17, too.

Even if this were for a customer, it would be a hassle to process. I don't have access to this distributor's B2B for whatever reason. The credit memo is virtual cash available to the corporation, but everything's still got to run thru the local cash register. Fun fucking times.

ANYWAY. Just wanted to say the original "all weather" Brooks Cambium is somehow less all weather than the leather versions they've made for over a hundred years. +Ben Folsom

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Is this one of those 'life comes at you fast' things so popular with the kids these days?

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There is an amazing level of "it won't happen to me" in these results.

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Why doesn't Black Lives Matter do anything about black on black crime? The same reason you aren't out there taking down meth labs.

Here are the reasons why you aren't out there taking down meth labs:
1.) They don't exactly advertise. If you're going to be a criminal the idea is to not get caught.
2.) Meth heads are dangerous. How would you like to go door to door, telling homeowners you're on the hunt for meth labs and want to put an end to it? Not very much. Because if you do stumble across a meth lab that person is probably not going to have a calm reaction to your request to desist.
3.) They're criminals, why exactly are they going to listen to you? They've already broken laws to do what it is that they're doing, clearly they don't really care about what others have to say.

People love to dismiss Black Lives Matter by saying that they should focus on black on black crime instead. But that misses the point. Black Lives Matter doesn't really get a say in black crime. Crime isn't a democratic endevour. Black Lives Matter has a voice in a democratic government, and they are using that voice. To expect them to first focus on black on black crime before they work on other injustices is like expecting a white person to fix the opioid epidemic before they're allowed to care about taxes.

Another way people love to dismiss Black Lives Matter is by saying "all lives matter". And then they act surprised when saying all lives matter is seen as a bad thing. How can caring about all lives be a bad thing? Well it is when you use that to dismiss efforts to improve lives. It's like if a group was advocating for better cancer treatment by saying "cancer patients matter". But then Bob down in the splinter ward gets offended. Why doesn't the tiny splinter in his palm matter? "All patients matter" he says! Bob gets his splinter removed and leaves the hospital, while hundreds continue to die from cancer. By saying "all patients matter" Bob ignores the fact that cancer patients have it a lot harder than he does, and by belittling their cause he makes it difficult for them to make progress and to improve conditions for cancer patients.

The other issue with saying "all lives matter" is that if you care enough to say that, what are you doing about it? Black Lives Matter is out there working to try to make things better for black people. If you want to say "all lives matter" then prove it. Go do something to improve people's lives. Bob said "all patients matter" in opposition to a group trying to improve the lives of cancer patients. But then he opposes them, gets fixed up, and goes home. He does nothing to improve the lives of all patients. His mantra of "all patients matter" accomplishes nothing except to make it harder for the lives of cancer patients to be improved. So he really doesn't think "all patients matter" or he would do something to improve the lives of all the patients.

This morning I bothered to look what it would take to actually graduate with an EE degree, and it seems surprisingly attainable. First, I have to not fuck up this monster of a semester, then...

Spring: ECE 5463 (intro to robotics), 5027 (microwave amplifier design), 5011 (antennas), + some bullshit 2 hour class.

Fall: ECE 4900 capstone design, 5017 (some fuckin' thing where you make circuits purely out of traces), 5000 (intro to analog and digital signals), + 2 hours bullshit course

I am now noticing I don't have any antennas classes in there. I could sub that in for 5017 easily if one is offered fall semesters. There, fixed. But other than that, I have an assbutt of directed electives in the form of all those computer science classes I took for shiggles, and they count in the place of some 5000 series technical electives.

But what weirds me out is how graduate/doctorate level (5000) courses are still called "intro" to anything.

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Wow! These don't look incredibly fragile! /s

This week in Triathlon Club: I wanna race cross. My budget is $100. What can the shop do for me?

...Tell you about eBay v0v Also, I guess, to buy this week and not next.

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When you write bad code that works
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