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Europe's Largest Spinal Rehabilitation Centre

If you're one of our Australia & New Zealand patients looking to avoid spinal fusion with motion-preserving surgery in Germany, this is where you'll learn to move confidently again!

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Click the article below to read why both Chris & Christine are already recommending us to their family and friends for joint surgery.

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Click this article to hear about Ronald's journey, and why he left Australia for his Total Hip Replacement in Bangkok, Thailand.

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"I left the country to have spinal surgery in Germany"
"And I wouldn't look back..."

After a traumatic skiing injury when he was younger, Jamie's lower back continued to deteriorate and caused him horrible nerve pain, until he had to consider surgery. He saw three spine surgeons in New Zealand, Two of whom recommended him for spinal fusion and one who would not offer him any surgical intervention due to his young age.
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Australian and New Zealand patients are looking to avoid spinal fusion by travelling to Germany for motion-preserving spinal surgery. This is performed by the German Spine Specialists at the ONZ Centre, where each top specialist performs over 200 Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) Surgeries every year. These surgeries make up more than half of their total surgeries. #germandiscreplacement   #germanspinespecialists   #avoidspinalfusion   #medicaltravel  

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See some of the 500+ patients from USA & Canada who have travelled to Germany for Spinal Surgery. This motion-preserving surgery is now available to our Australian & New Zealand patients.
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Highest Quality Stem Cell Treatments for the Knee

Our partnered stem cell clinic is located in the centre of Bangkok and offers the most advanced stem cell technologies and expertise available anywhere in the world.

The stem cell clinic treats each patient with the best collaborative multidisciplinary medical team of high-end specialists including orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, stem cell biologists and clinical research experts.

The comprehensive 10 day stem cell treatment plan offered through SkyGen and its partnered stem cell clinic is one of the most advanced non-surgical treatments available internationally.

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"Hi my name is Lee.
I contacted SkyGen when my husband Ra needed a hip replacement, and we were so bitterly let down by our private cover, that we were in a mad panic and my daughter found SkyGen. I was lucky enough to speak with Jake, who reassured me that everything would be okay, and it was.

Not having done this before we were so nervous, our hearts were in our mouths. We didn’t know what the next step was and Jake took us through everything, from the time we would leave Bangkok Airport and just what would happen. Everything went according to plan, it was great.

When we arrived at the Airport SkyGen had a wheelchair for my husband who was a 6-foot-tall, 6-foot-wide Maori, big fellow, and he was escorted via wheelchair all the way through Bangkok Airport. We had VIP service at customs, even our baggage was collected for us. We went straight through with no waiting.

Once we reached the BP9 hospital it was like a top-notch hotel. Everything Jake had said was really true, it really was true. We walked into a beautiful foyer, the girls were in beautiful coloured uniforms, soft pinks and soft blues, it was just relaxing. We were treated like royalty. Ra thought he was in heaven.

On the second day Ra had all of his tests in prep for the operation, and as much as I love by homeland AUS, gee everything was done in a matter of hours. We had blood tests and X-Rays and the works. Working with the consultants everything was done in a matter of hours. Not days, weeks or months. Then in the afternoon we had a beautiful meal, the food is great, and then Ra was admitted on the Tuesday night and had the operation early on the Wednesday.

He woke up to a beautiful hue of Thai silk and the first thing he said, I was there when he woke, “Isn’t this beautiful, I feel like I’m in heaven,” and it was, it was gorgeous, it really was.

BP9 (hospital) also had a nurse seated outside Ra’s room 24/7. Not in a nurses station, but directly outside his window. It was 24 hour care, just as Jake had said, everything went to plan.

We were treated beautifully and felt so calm. We were so reassured and confident. Ra had a couple of days in ICU and then we were taken to his very spacious ward which overlooked the city. He’s as happy as Larry and even took photos of the nurses, not just one, they work so well as a team. They would be at the side of the bed and we took photos. He couldn’t wait to make the guys at work jealous so he took photos of the beautiful women in their uniforms to send back to work. We’ve had many good responses.

We found that the medical team work so well as a team, they really do work as a team. They are not only efficient, they are proficient. The language barrier was very little. Almost everybody can speak English or understand. The international room caters for all languages, so if we had any difficulty, on the 9th floor someone would sort out any questions we had.

I had very much my own room, I spent the first week in the residential rooms and that too was like a top notch hotel – so spacious, clean, comfortable, it was lovely. It was so easy just to take the lift to the floor below and see Ra, rather than have to travel in the cold and wet rain of our Aussie winter for an hour and a half in traffic. It was three minutes and I was there with my husband. Very, very comforting.

Then today I moved to The Aetas Hotel. Ra and I travel well and we have stayed at some really lovely hotels, but I’ve got to say this is top notch. This is really good. This is my first night, I cant wait to check out the food, I’m a foodie, and I’ve already phoned Ra. He can’t wait to get back here too, so it’s great.

I’d have to say that when we first started we had our hearts in our mouth, having been let down by our medical provider. We would not only recommend people come here, but I’d come with them. Honest to goodness I would love to come back here. They are so advanced here. I love our country but gee-wiz we’ve got a lot to learn. As I say they don’t only work well as a team, they’re efficient and proficient. They’re expert as what they do and they’re far more advanced than most places. We’ve had medical treatment overseas and they’re by far more advanced here.

So good on you SkyGen, thanks so much, and Jake, thanks a lot. Everything you said went right down to plan. Looking forward to coming back, I really am. So thanks again."


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