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Space Fly PvP - MMORPG
Space Fly PvP - MMORPG


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It has been 17 Months since our last milestone update.
Today we are proud to present you Episode 5 on Sky-Fighter.
This update mainly concentrates on the technical part of Sky-Fighter including major changes on the engine, bugfixes, performance, features and more.
Please read this changelog carefully since new features and changes are listed and explained properly.

Item Link System
-- Link items into the chat
-- Alt+Click on item in the inventory and click on "Item Link" button
-- On mouse hover item infos can be viewed

- Login System
-- Removed Login in Launcher
-- Added Login Ingame
-- Added "Password Save" function
-- Added "Auto Login" function

- Chat Communication System
-- Click on chat message open a whisper window
-- Only possible on persons you can whisper with in general

- Option System
-- Overworked loading, saving and validating
-- Changed Option Window
-- New Options:
--- Resolution (Change Resolution ingame)
---- Added Multi Monitor suppot
---- Added system adjusted resolution
--- Window Mode
--- Render Level (Set the GFX usage - 3 is advised but not supported on old GFX)
--- Texture Filter (Set the way object texture get rendered)
--- Anisotropic Level (Set the sharpness of Anisotropic Filter setting)
--- V Synch (Remove tearing (works only on full screen))
--- Triple Buffer (Improves performance when V-Synch is active)
--- Low Quality (Set various options on a advised low value (Minimum Frame before))
--- Pirority Process (Tells windows to prioritize CPU and I/O operations for the process)
-- Removed "Warp-Fix" Option since no multithreading issues exist anymore

- Overworked Pre-Launcher
- Overworked Launcher
- Added several performance improvements
- Added several stability improvements
- Overworked Object generation/load/unload
- Overworked Interface generation/load/unload
- Overworked Game generation/load/unload
- Overworked Thread synchronisation and communication
- Overworked Core Engine Elements
- Overworked DX Element Creation
- Overworked DX Element Management
- Combined Base DX Elements for multiple usage
- Improve text resource caching system
- Overworked lag compensation system
- Improved and cleaned the Network system
- Remove alot of unused elements and systems
- Improved brigade mark loading

- Abjusted reattack calculation (reducing the pirority of framebreaks)
- Nation balance system is not activated and deactivated by the staff team

- Added sound feedback on several interface elements
- Preventing double focus on several input elements
- Interface scroll position wont change when adding/removing items
- Allow layer change of several windows which were been static before
- Error message during gear creation and now more detailed
- Adjusted gear scaling in inventory gear preview on big resolutions
- Remove unused input system for asian characters

- Fixed several Memory Leaks
- Fixed several Bugs
- Fixed several potential exploits
- Fixed a formation related exploit
- Fixed an issues in the TCP communication
- Fixed monster "Shrine Laboratory" transaprency render
- Fixed render of text without coloration
- Dead gears wont fire rockets anymore
- Cannot lock-on dead gears anymore
- Fixed an issue where lock-on gears wont refresh its HP/Shield/SP stats
- Fixed an issue during preloading game elements
- Fixed a bug on wrong usage of transmogrify cards
- Fixed bazaar log render
- Fixed rendering colored names in arena
- Fixed a small issue regarding "Ammunition Recharge Box"
- Fixed a crash when the game close while factory is open
- Fixed an issue where players of the previous map can be seen for a short period
- Fixed a deadlock issue when using outpost shops without having a brigade
- Minimizing Sky-Fighter wont result in a close anymore

- Overworked "Bipin" Model
- Overworked "Lithin" Model

- Fixed "[Partner Contour] Communication"
- Fixed "[Partner Contour] Defense"
- Added "[Veil Contour] Sharp Harvard"
- Added "[Defender Contour] Sharp Partizan"
- Added "[Guarder Contour] Sharp Pole"
- Added "[Binder Contour] Sharp Spitum"

- Lock-on secondary sound is now coming every time
- You cannot whisper other people while your whisper filter is activated
- Misses on own gear and not shown anymore as "0"
- Sky-Fighter Window and Taskbar Entry will start flashing when being not in focus in following cases:
-- Receiving COH request
-- Infinity-Field join request
-- Arena-Team found notification
-- Receiving damage

- Sky-Fighter.exe :
- Launcher.atm :
- SF_Main.exe :
- SF_Main.x64 :
- SF_Main.xp :

[Manual Patch]
1st Sky-Fighter Mirror:
2nd Sky-Fighter Mirror:
Google Mirror:

[Full Setup]
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Big Summer Event

Sky-Fighter is performing a big summer event

01.06.2015 – 30.09.2015

Prices over 3000€ in total

Collect as much EVENT ORBS as you can and become a


Where can you get those EVENT ORBs from?

You get them from Strategic Points, Outpost Wars, Mothership Fights, some of the Bosses and of course from our Events.
Whenever we do:
Last Nation Standing
Question & Answers
Fight Events
Hide ‘ n ‘ Seek
Kill the GM
Special Events

either only the winner or every participant or his whole nation gets those Event Orbs, depending on the kind of event.
It is also possible to get them from DGA, Sundays and randomly during the week
You can get Orbs from buying Membership (Level, Regeneration, Combo) and Sky-Fighter 3rd Anniversary Caps too.
Those are items player usually buy from voting.

Where can you store the EVENT ORBs and what can you do with them?

The Event Orbs stay in the inventory of the gear who gets it until the event has ended.
They cant be deleted, sold, traded or drawed in Warehouse or Brigade Warehouse .
You can't do anything with the EVENT ORBs until the event ends at 30.09.2015.

Why do you need to collect EVENT ORBs?

The day after the event, 01.10.2015, we count the EVENT ORBs of every single gear to see who has collected most of them.
They are only an indicator how active you have been during the eventtime.

Who wins the event?

We decided to let you fight for the win only in your own gear type.
That means a MG don’t have to competite with a BG or AG.
In every type of gear we have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner and we have 4th–10th place.

So we have in total 4 x 1st, 4 x 2nd, 4x 3rd and 28 x 4th - 10th winner.

What can you win in this event?

1st place: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22, 1.000.000 Credits, Unique Event Weapon AND Unique Event Armor

2nd place: Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Keyboard/Mouse/Pad-Set, 250.000 Credits, Unique Event Armor OR Unique Event Weapon

3rd place: Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse, 100.000 Credits, Unique Event Armor OR Unique Event Weapon

4th -10th place: Sky-Fighter Event Mousepad, 50.000 Credits

All 40 Winners get a rare certificate with autographs from Sky-Fighter owners.

The Unique Event Armors and Weapons are built as the winner wants it to be built (all gambleable Fixes allowed) and are absolutely Unique on Sky-Fighter server.
They will be the strongest available equipment at this time!

After the event we add recipes to the laboratory so you are able to combine the Event Orbs to special items like fight items or credit items.
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Version: >

[Content Related]
[Personal Electronic Toy] are now shown in [Select Mode]

[Performance / Visual Related]
- Improved the 3D Model optimization on loading

- Fixed the position angle of "NGC Guard Missile" in "Mirny Pit"
- Particullary fixed the render order of models with transparent pieces
- Fixed a bug making the game randomly crash on weak computer systems
- Fixed the incorrect position calculation of equiptment while moving between the gears in [Select Mode]
- Fixed a issue of incorrect weapon models in [Select Mode]
- Fixed the missing secondary weapons in [Create Mode]
- Removed the bug where invalid engine models are shown in [Create Mode]

- Upgraded the Sound Library
- Upgraded the developer enviroment
- Upgraded the compiler
- Added the "Control Flow Guard" (stability/security) feature

Board Entry:

1st Sky-Fighter Mirror:
2nd Sky-Fighter Mirror:
Google Mirror:
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