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The Australian state of New South Wales is facing one of the highest-risk fire days in its history, with temperatures climbing above 40C.

Firefighters are battling over 100 wildfires raging across the southeast of the country, with more than 20 deemed out of control.
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Must be terrifying for all involved 
Yes we've had fires here in oz, but luckily no one died! Tks!
It's the Annual summer problem after the drought. as soon as we have a very hot day, the sap in the gum trees heats up and explodes into an inferno!
yes, I wish,,,Ha, Ha! 42c degrees here today again!!! Do you have Celsius or Fahrenheit in the UK?
Brrrr! it would be relief here, and we need the rain...a farmer friend of mine had to place his cattle in the irrigation area yesterday, to save their lives...very dry and horrible.
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