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A second storm has battered the northeast coast of the United States adding to the misery felt by many after superstorm Sandy.
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I am not here to mock you I have sheer grief in heart for all what has happened there and now i am confident that you people have realized you should not have made those stupid movies, pictures & cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon HIM) because in our book HOLY QURAN E PAK its written "We wouldn't have created this universe if you were not there."
Please try to understand that its the end of time and only the righteous will proceed towards the gate of salvation and for those who have made Allah pak angry will suffer always the shown above or as done by SANDY and others before as it has been written so shall it will happen.
Ag shame Sikander - is allah angry, bringing the storms... lol what a joke... take you muslim rubbish comments of google+ please... do us a favour...
James like i mentioned above that m not here to make statements for anyone but its just the way i can see it and yes Alhamdulillah I am a Proud Muslim who don't mock at anyone's religion but says what should be said. you are a christian jew or whichever religion you follow its all written there too but your heart doesn't want to follow the lead it seems :-)
Francis.. no comments u & ur words worth nothing
how can you say that??? if u are talking about TALIBAAN or ALQAIDA then you should know that recently some terrorists claiming Taliban were arrested and when examined it was revealed that those weren't muslims indeed that had disguise like muslims but none of them were.. so basically this is all a propaganda to irrigate irrational behavior against muslims & islam for all those who have fear of change so that they cannot ever be cured :-) trust me Francis saying Allah o akbar by heart can even cure cancers at times like a miracle so please dont say what you are unaware of so that you keep receiving blessings from all around for your self family. may God have mercy on you and may HE help you to find the right path with peace.
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