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so one of the seven prophecies of the bible for armageddeon: "the waters will turn to blood" - or something like that...
It's either algae or the shark nets aren't working!
It goes well with the blind fish that are pumped out to sea there!!
Everyone will take a bath in it. Like it or not it will happen which have been said by the almighty and his prediction never goes wrong. The river of blood is also told in the hindu ancient book. But it was said that everyone who have sinned will have to go through this river so as to purify his soul but the world which have been created for every living creature to live peacefully became the earth of all sins. And now the river of blood in the form of red algues took birth on earth so as to purify this holy earth which human has destroyed all welfare which protected our living planet. It is said that god gave 2 mind to the hunan race so that he can think twice before taking wrong decision but it is just here that almighty have errored even with 100 minds humans are the best destroyer of every good for himself. And as always innocent creatures will pay at any costs.
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