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Campaigners have burned hundreds of coffins outside Kenya's parliament in protest at MPs who voted to triple their end-of-term bonuses and award themselves state funerals.

President Mwai Kibaki has refused to sign the benefit increase into law, but Kenyans went ahead with the protest march anyway to highlight their anger at a political class widely regarded as greedy and corrupt.
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politicians are the same all over the word. the prime minister of Ireland (an Taoiseach) gets paid more than the German chancellor or the British PM. senior civil servants get pensions between 100,000 and 200,000 euros a year. yet there are 450,000 unemployed out of a population of of just 4 million. 
Its the same everywhere!!!
Politicians will be the death of democracy!!!
They label the "out of work" as scroungers and have the audacity to claim for bath plugs, large screen TVs and duck houses.
Put Politicians on minimum wage for a couple of weeks, things would change so damn quickly we wouldn't believe it.
Things chance to fast unbelievable 
that isint real
Another corrupt gov. In africa list is endless r.i.p all the other countries who have fallen into choas and despair!
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