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At least 10 people are thought to have been injured in a bomb blast on a bus in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

The explosion took place across from the military headquarters - on the eighth day of an Israeli offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza.
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Define ''militants''.
neil h
Hamas = cowards. Hiding behind masks, women & children. Trying to kill civilians instead of aiming at the army.
"Hamas and Palestinian leadership scream “occupation” but there is not a single Jew living in Gaza.  Israel withdrew all of its citizens in 2005 with the hope that the Palestinians could develop a microcosm of a new culture and society.  Terrorists took over instead."
After peace truce in Gaza accountability of  Israeli war crimes against civilian population in Gaza has become big challenge for UNO, Human right organizations and world community also. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must brought to international criminal court for his war crimes and genocide policy in Gaza. 
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