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Barack Obama has promised that the "best is yet to come" for the US after winning another four years at the White House.

Following a bitter and costly election campaign, the president easily overcame his Republican challenger Mitt Romney - taking seven of the nine key battleground states.
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Hi, I'm so glad Barack Obama has another four years in charge!!!, I think the world is mutch safer in his hands, than it would have been in Romney's!!, congratulations to Barack obma and the American people, GOD SAVE AMERICA!!.
congratulation to Mr Pre.....
i hope u won't made starving
What a sweet looking family! Obama had to win because he had a humble begining hence could relate very well with the circumstances and situation with the American people irrespective of their classes, backgrounds and social status! I wish him the best of the four years ahead!
Kasim A
Congratulation to presidant
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