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On a cold night in early November a New York policeman came across a homeless man with nothing on his feet - and bought him a pair of boots.

The moment of kindness would have gone quietly unnoticed had it not been snapped by a passing tourist who then posted the photograph to the NYPD's Facebook page.
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There are still people with heart in the world. +10000
A single act of kindness restors your faith in humanity in the trouble times

"To protect and serve" It,s really nice to see this kind of thing, some police officers would of arrested him for that most hated of criminal acts, Poverty the crime of being poor  (vagrancy) good on him truly above the call of duty. New York like most big city,s could  do with more men like this fine police man. Blessed Be 
Muzza B
Protect and serve......... the epitomy of the motto. I salute you, you are a credit to your badge. 
It's quite sad that this is an unusual act. Good on him. Amazing kindness. 
From someone who was once homeless THANK YOU. This one act of kindness will overide the many acts of contempt the homeless face everyday. May you and yours have a very happy Christmas.
U should tell ur story more and show people why and how they're homeless.
Let the public know wht they can do to help .
A simple kind act of paying it forward. 
One kind human helping another. Nice.
God helped them both. One needed charity & one gave charity. Blessed is your name oh Lord.
Wish we have this type of policeman in our country.........
thank God..there still remain a good samaritan like this cop..God blss you brother..
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