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An iceberg bigger than Chicago is being monitored by Nasa after breaking into the ocean off Antarctica.

The sheet, known as B31, is one of the biggest on the planet at 255 square miles (660 sq km).

Nasa has been monitoring Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier since a crack was spotted in 2011, amid fears any iceberg could contribute to rising sea levels.
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Ice ice baby!!
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Asteroids passing through Earth's atmosphere caused 26 nuclear-scale explosions between 2000 and 2013, a report reveals.

Each caused a blast equivalent to that released by a nuclear warhead, but at least one was many times as powerful as the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.
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+Katy Tomlinson lmfao it was a little girl that scared francis oyil off his post (again) lmfao
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The search has resumed for around 290 people who remain missing after a South Korean ferry capsized and sank.

Nine people have already been confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to increase sharply in what could be the country's worst maritime accident in two decades.

The dead include a female teacher, a female member of the crew and three male school students.
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+Conteh Wilson J amen
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Almost 300 people are missing after a ferry sank off the coast of South Korea.

Two people have been confirmed dead so far - a male student and a female crew member.

The South Korean Coastguard says 164 people have been rescued and 295 remain unaccounted for.
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Search teams are preparing to use a mini-submarine to scan the sea bed for wreckage from flight MH370 "as soon as possible".

Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, leading the search, told a news conference an oil slick had been found within the current search zone of the southern Indian Ocean.
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I don't think the media staged this event, i think they use overplay real incidents and underplay other more important incidents. A homeless man was shot to death by armed tyrant thugs, and that received almost no MSN attention. Or what about the gun grab in New York? Harry Reid selling out Americas land and natural resources to China?

So they play this Malaysia missing plane story all day long where there is nothing we can do, but the other incidents I mentioned above, stuff that everyone of us could do something about, gets buried in the news and not really talked about under the light of truth. 
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A dog wrapped in a Russian flag sits with pro-Russia protesters outside a regional government building in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Meanwhile Russia has accused the West of instigating a "revolution" in Ukraine as part of a "geopolitical game" against Moscow.

Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov claimed the US and EU were behind the uprising that ousted Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Kremlin president of Ukraine, in February.
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Territorial disputes are notorious to linger for a very long period, and the outcome of settlements might not be agreeable to the parties involved.
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David Moyes has been sacked as Manchester United boss and Ryan Giggs will take over until the end of the season.

A statement on the club's website said: "Manchester United has announced that David Moyes has left the Club.

"The Club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role."
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He should have been given a fair amount of time and he was going to turn things around.10 months is not especially if you're a new coach trying to implement new strategies.
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The moon has turned red in the skies above North and South America at the start of a rare series of lunar eclipses some fear signals the end of the world.

The so-called 'blood moon', which occurs when the Earth's shadow passes over the moon, will be repeated three times this year and next.

The phenomenon, known as a tetrad, will not happen again until 2032.
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So glad tHat I am not from this world
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A campaign has been launched in Tunisia to save the set where numerous Star Wars scenes were filmed from the encroaching desert.

The location for Mos Espa, the hometown of Anakin Skywalker, was built at Ong Jmel in the south of the country in the 1990s for Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace.
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I've visited this site on holiday and it's worth saving.
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A scientist has dashed hopes that an unexplained light on Mars may be proof of life.

Images picked up last week by Nasa's Curiosity rover appeared to suggest an artificial light coming from the red planet.
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Bet they can't wait til the Yanks take guns up there and shoot them all for sport!
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