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#NowListeningTo "Brown Sugar" from Brown Sugar by D'Angelo on Apple Music.

Wait! Why are dudes wearing jeggings and Jordans? This is a thing? 

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My new single is available now. Make sure you grab it and share this please. #SexyGirls #NewSingle

So because +Netflix​ keeps attempting to debit my Google Wallet account, Google has closed my Google Wallet account due to "suspicious activity" and "violation of terms of service"... Meaning I can't use +Android Pay​ smh 

So much going on and humans don't make it any better. 

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Saw this at +Rite Aid​ last night. After speaking with the manager about it she said to me that Google Wallet app is now considered Android Pay in their systems regardless of a new app on Google's end at this point. She was very knowledgeable about it and explained a rebranding of the app is "supposed to happen" but on their end it's the same as Google Wallet. I paid for my meds with my Google Wallet app by the way and she showed me the screen on the register that said "payment method: Android Pay" and had a 4 digit credit card token number after it. Take it for what it's worth.

+Artem Russakovskii​ 

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It might seem strange to some who use other news aggregation apps, but Google Play Newsstand is by far my most used application on my Nexus 6. The format, the auto updates when loading. The readability is amazing.. I love the UI. It could use better features like when articles have "read more" I shouldn't have to open it in Chrome to read it. It should be right there. Certain download links on +Android Police​ aren't clickable, so I have to go to the mobile site (again) to click to download an apk or any download they may have. Some sites stop updating. Like @inquisitor had 5 articles from 2013 I have to scroll past to get to new articles everytime with no way of clearing them once read.

my suggestions for improvement
1. Make articles that have been read, able to be swiped away.

2. If an article has "read more" it should be automatically generated by Newsstand so you don't have to leave the app to finish the article.

3. Sites that appear to have not updated in days, but in fact, have been updated if you visit the site issue is old and should have been fixed long ago.

4. Articles that show the header image but no article issue should be fixed.

5. Make adding ANY WEBSITE to read easier. Lots of sites, if you add the URL it returns a "No results" message.

That's really it. Just had a few thoughts. If you guys know of anyone on the team feel free to tag them so they can see this please.

+Google Play Newsstand Producer+Tom Schneider​

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Quick look at #ProjectFI welcome kit. 
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