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I'm in absolute heaven right now. #baconjerky #baconlover #Bacon #baconporn 

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Me and my daughter had a lot of fun... Time to head home. 

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Lulz➡➡➡➡ UPROXX » : Let’s Remember That Time Japanese R2-D2 And C-3PO Had A Pro-Wrestling Match. 

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😢 😢 😢 

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Movie time #terminator 
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+Sum'Thyn Serius​ Nexus 6 stock camera FTW 

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Anybody figured out how to stop the Force closing by Nova Launcher on M Preview? 

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I apologize to my Nexus 6 for being so distant... I'll never leave you again. 
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Have him in circles
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Lmmfaoooooooooo 😂 😂 😂 😂 +Rob Andersen
Outstanding news! Looks like the job offer with Cyberdyne Systems came through. I'll be on the Cyberdyne System T Series robot division working with the newest prototype units with A.I. provided by Skynet, which completely amazes me. You've probably seen some recent YouTube videos of their robots in action. I'm pretty stoked. Wish me luck!

#notserious #skynet #cyberdynesystems
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Daddy and his favorite girl out to eat. My favorite person to hang out with. #Cruz #CruzDilly #everydayisfathersday #3GoingOn30 #PhotoGrid 
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Awww she is beautiful 

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Oh shit! Lmmfaoooooooooo 😂 😂 😂 
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Don't leave after the movie ends... The surprise ending is mid-way through the credits. You will need to see it to get the cross to the next movie. #TERMINATOR 

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#Screenshot #HomeScreen

Launcher: Nova Launcher
Icons: Material Cards
Clock Widget: Ultimate G4 widget theme for Zooper Widgets Pro
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Discovered by Soulja Slim, this New Orleans rapper/singer made his mark first signed to Rap-A-Lot records in 2005. He later moved on and released several critically acclaimed mix-albums all with original music. Later becoming a viral phenom, Skrill-Dilly took over Twitter and Myspace and also youtube while unintentionally attracting Rap-A-Lot and Kanye West's 3!producer and head of music, Mike Dean. The duo completed an album that was never released to date and Skrill-Dilly is now independant and working on a new album. He has a single called "Sexy Girls" which finds him singing about the kind of girls he would love to be with. Get "Sexy Girls" now on Itunes.



My Credits: Trey Songz, Kanye West, Mike Dean, BG, Scarface, Shawty Redd, C-Murder, Foxx-A-Million (Wipe me Down), Steve Francis, Sqad Up, Nutt Da Kidd aka Kidd-Kidd, Lil Wayne, Juvenile and toooo many more to name.

Not on here to accept demo's or anything..This is purely personal for me.

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Employees playing on their phones, acting like you're bothering them, avoid eye contact, have no product knowledge at all and rush you through checkout process. I hate going here but it's the closest location by far.
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