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Skot Whitman

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CBSI Hurricane Harvey Charity Sketch Cover Auction ends Wednesday October 11th. I donated 6 books to the auction and there's 35 total from various artist. This is to raise money for the victims of the Hurricane.

Bid now and help others in need.

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In a not too distant future, Cars run on blood and a catastrophic event has cause the the Capital Records building and the Hollywood sign/hills to magically relocate to downtown Los Angeles. Welcome to Blood Drive on SyFy.

For people who have lived in Los Angeles, clearly this image of the LA skyline is impossible. no type of catastrophic event could move these building and hills the 5 miles it would take to make this image even feasible.

The last few days I've been circulating this image to people in LA, with a message "find the mistakes in this image". The overwhelming response been, "where do you even start".

Granted the majority of films and tv shows using LA as a backdrop never get things like the distance between the ocean and downtown correct. Or other landmarks for that matter. I'm sure many people living in New York and Washington DC or other parts of the world, like London, Paris, Tokyo feel the same way. One things for certain, whoever approved this image isn't very good at their job.

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this family guy bit always cracks me up.

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Auctions end in 5 days, bid today and don't delay!
CBSI Memorial Day Charity Art Challenge Update
First, I hope that everyone took time today to honor our fallen soldiers, this day is to honor them and their sacrifice.

I have really enjoyed this Art Challenge, we have a gambit of covers from our very talented members. +Jared Barber, +Neal Jones, +Marq Romero, +Anthony L, +Skot Whitman, +Topher S, Chris Foreman, and +Mitchell Watson's Sister in law Hannah all did an outstanding job on their Covers. Thank you guys you really make these challenge great!

Time to bid!
Auctions for these covers will start tonight and will end on Friday 8:11 pm
Auction are on ebay and can be found here

Remember the Cover that sells for the most gets to choose the Charity that the entire pot will be donated to. GOOD LUCK!

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Something recent.

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I'm sure most people are already aware that I don't update this section anymore. To keep up with my comic first appearance, key issue research and other ranting and ravings check out my articles on comic book invest dot com.

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Finally got around to finishing this one. Harley, Ivy, Catwoman and the Joker.

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I have a few sketch cover auctions ending on Sunday 2/26. The Black Widow and an X-23 All New Wolverine sketch cover seem to be the ones getting the early bids.

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Harley Quinn work in progress. It'll be interesting to see what it looks like when I start adding more color.

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So I figured with 60 plus people following this collection I might as well start offering sketch cover commissions.

I'm horrible at self promotion lol

Right now I have 18 different blanks, one of each pictured. I don't have anything planned for them for so here's the pitch...

Your choice of one character on one blank.
Color $40 usd each (copic and watercolor)
GREY $30 usd each (black Ink and copic)
Pencil $20 usd each (pencil)

Price includes shipped in the continental USA. Outside the USA I'll have to check the rates but it's possible to work something out.

Message me on hangouts.
First come, first served and first shipped!
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