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One of my favourite features of the Google plus app is instant upload. I very often discover photos there that I deleted long ago and think "why didn't I keep that?"

I have it set to upload them at full resolution which means that all photos uploaded (understandably) eat into my google drive allowance. Here's the million dollar question though :

If the photos are being stored with my google drive content, then why don't I have a folder on my google drive containing all my instant uploads?

Think about it - how convenient would it be having the option to view all your instant upload photos via the Google drive app? From there you could share a snap with friends in an IM, link to them in Reddit or send a family member to a selected photo via text message. Not to mention the added ease of use, should you ever need to use them in a Google doc or presentation.

At present, should I find myself having to do any of the above while on my phone, I have to take the photo and reupload it to Dropbox or imgur. Even though it's already in the cloud with the rest of my instant uploads, the Google plus app only provides you with the option to share these photos in a new Google plus post. Hardly ideal when all I want to do is say is 'Hey +Richard Beveridge , look at my cat lol!'

So what say you +Google+ Help ? Is this something we could make a reality in the near future?
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