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Dermatologists & Plastic Surgeon located in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dermatologists & Plastic Surgeon located in Fort Lauderdale, FL


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Monthly Content Roundup (

We want you to find all of the best content in Fort Lauderdale in one convenient place!

Allergies and Eczema (

Antibiotics for Acne (

Coolsculpting: say goodbye to stubborn fat (

Still breaking out? Try the oil-cleansing method (

Check out our monthly newsletter! (

New treatment for acne (

Skincare mistakes to avoid in the shower (

Things you can do to your face now that it's fall (

Laser hair removal services (

What exactly is FemTouch? (

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Can you reverse sun damage? (

While laying out in the sun can feel good, and tan skin is trendy, it's also not good for you. The sun gives off UV rays, which can damage your skin. That leads to wrinkles, age spots, and "liver spots," which all add years to your skin.

But is this reversible?

Fortunately, yes, it is possible to reverse wrinkles and uneven skin tone with laser therapy, which we offer right here in Fort Lauderdale.

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Acne is the worst (

Everyone has had a pimple at some point or another. Acne occurs when your skin gets clogged with oil or bacteria. The inflammation is where pimples form. There are mild and severe cases and can hit at any age.

Serious cases of acne require stronger medications such as topic medication, retinoids, or antibiotics.

If you've had a lot of acne over the years, you might have scarring.

This can leave discoloration or pitting. We treat that here in Fort Lauderdale with laser resurfacing, fillers, and dermabrasion.

Schedule an appointment online today!

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Do you have an unsightly birthmark? (

Birthmarks are any type of discoloration that developed during fetal development. They don't produce medical problems and are usually small. Most of the type they're composed of pigment-producing cells or blood vessels.

They can be flat or bumpy, and be a variety of different colors, including pink and dark purple. The size is quite variable, which is why many people don't like them.

They are removable, right here in Fort Lauderdale. Schedule a skincare appointment online today!

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Rejuvenating your face (

There are certain skin conditions that rejuvenating is useful.
Eczema appears on your arms, legs, or neck, but occasionally on the face. It can affect your quality of life. That means you need to speak to a dermatologist about medications, or UV treatment.

No matter why you want to seek out facial rejuvenation, Skin Center is here to help. Our team of dermatologists can help you correct a wide variety of conditions. Schedule an appointment online!

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The perfect diet for pretty skin (

It's time to grocery shop for your skin to prevent acne and skin cancer. Here is what should be on your list:

* Romaine lettuce
* Tomatoes
* Strawberries
* Apples
* Soy
* Eggs
* Almonds
* Walnuts
* Cocoa made with dark chocolate
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Whole grains

If you're curious about why these particular foods belong on your grocery list, you'll have to check the link above. These are perfect foods to add to your skincare routine!

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Are you watching out for skin cancer? (

One person dies of melanoma every hour. The most common sign of melanoma is a change in the shape, size, or color of a mole. If you can catch it early, it's extremely treatable, and it's fairly easy to prevent, by staying out of tanning beds and using sunscreen.

Caucasian men over 50 are at the largest risk of melanoma, and in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it's definitely worth looking out for!

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Check out our reviews! (

"I found the Skin Center through my insurance website as I was looking for doctors within network for Cigna. Never having had a full skin check up before (and knowing I had some trouble spots I was concerned about) I was super nervous and a little anxious - Carmen, Mary and Dr. Fien were all amazing to make me feel better and put my mind at ease. Even the office staff was super friendly and accommodating, which you don't always find in medical offices. So glad I made the choice to go to the Skin Center!" - Michelle R.

"Recent removal of squamous cell patch went quickly and smoothly. Dr. Lakin was very competent and accessible. The rather long incision was painless and artfully executed. I would feel comfortable returning to Dr. Lain for any future procedures." - James M.

"Sari came highly recommended. She did it disappoint. Great smile, fast, high energy, very professional. Her staff was very professional and very polite as well. Dr. Fien was everything I hoped she would be!" - Michael J.

"Thank you so much Dr. Lakin for being there when I had a true emergency!! I had a breast implant (saline) 5 weeks prior to going to the emergency room. I was probably doing to much with my kids at home, and resulted in a bleeding in my left breast. I had to go to the emergency room as my previous surgeon was out the country at the time. Thank God, Dr. Lakin was on call that day, and was able to perform surgery on my breast, by removing my implant and draining the blood and placing the implant back in. Him and his staff took really good care of me for my follow ups until my original surgeon was back in the country. You are an amazing doctor, great personality, and great and friendly staff. Thank you so much and God bless." - S R.

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Botox before and after (

Check out the before & after pictures on our website. There's nothing more honest than the pictures that you can see for yourself. Botox is a prescription drug that is injected to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles.

Treatments take about 10-20 minutes. The results of Botox treatments last three to four months. Follow up treatments can be used, and over time the wrinkles will be less severe.

Dr. Fien, located at the Skin Center in Fort Lauderdale, is highly trained with many years of experience in the use of Botox.

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The causes and symptoms of dry skin (

Dry skin is often temporary, but it's not always obvious.

Here are the symptoms:

* A feeling of skin tightness
* Skin that feels and looks rough
* Itching
* Faking, scaling or peeling
* Fine lines or cracks
* Gray, ashy skin
* Redness
* Deep cracks that may bleed

When is it serious enough to see a doctor?

* Your skin doesn't improve after using moisturizer regularly
* Redness
* Sleeping issues
* Open sores or infections
* Large areas of peeling skin

Here are the potential causes:

* Weather
* Heat
* Hot baths and showers
* Harsh soaps and detergents
* Other skin conditions

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