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Shawn Jones

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Warrior's Scar made the top ten of time travel sci-fi in the UK after just two weeks in the wild. That was almost two years ago.

Today, it made the top ten of the U.S. market in the same sub-genre. It's also #2,432 in the overall Kindle market. And just look at my average reviews for the other books!

To those of you who read my books, thank you very much for your obvious and ongoing support.
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Excellent writing=excellent reviews.
The proof is in the numbers! 
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Shawn Jones

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Spoiler Alert!

It'll never happen. I destroy Phobos long before Mars gets to.
Mars' closest and largest moon, Phobos, will eventually cease to exist as it succumbs to the effects of gravity.
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-1, article fails to mention how God created mars. 
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Shawn Jones

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I want to quote this in the front matter of each of my books.
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Shawn Jones

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This just happened...
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+Robt. J. Moore II every time people walked in, he proved he was pyschic by saying, "You need a haircut."
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Shawn Jones

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#WhenImNotWriting I make spicy salmon kabobs and serve them over pasta with Thai pesto sauce and veggies.
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+hector velasquez only to my belly.
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Shawn Jones

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Sourdough stuffing anyone? I can't wait for the aroma of bread to fill the kitchen tomorrow.
This Woman Is Making Bread Using Yeast From Her Vagina
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Only one week a month, +Aaron Johnson​.
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Shawn Jones

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At the time of this post, all five books of The Warrior Chronicles are in the top 20 for Time Travel Sci-fi. I cannot begin to thank all of you who have supported and encouraged my work over the past two years.

I'm not going to mention names, because I have no doubt I'd miss someone, but you know who you are. Those of you who buy the books, those of you who leave reviews for them, and those of you who helped make them happen. You all rock.

Thank you so much.

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You know it hurt to type that, right? ;-)
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Shawn Jones

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You may think you're cool, but you aren't, 'snowboarding in a bathtub with a yeti' cool.
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Shawn Jones

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#WhenImNotWriting , mahogany chicken thighs with basmati rice and steamed vegetables happen.
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+Pinkatron 2000 I get fifty cents a mile for travel. 
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Shawn Jones

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So let me get this straight...

Cops don't want us to take video of them when they work...
But they tell us we shouldn't care about unwarranted search and seizure if we aren't doing anything wrong.

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All of those amendments and safeguards are null in void now that Posse Comitatus has been suspended since the Patriot Act has been enabled. You are subject to sneak and peak surveillance ( meaning that can come into your home and/or business while you are not there and acquire intelligence about you). Hell to be honest you can be completely present while they do their sneak and peek inspection, they will just put you under a non-disclosure agreement and if you talk you go to a special prison within a prison.
So... yeah, welcome to the new world orders war/fear machine.
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Shawn Jones

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Disturbance is out, folks. Nine great stories, including Recoil by yours truly!

Get your copy here:
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+Lorelle Jones I'm too old to remember.
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