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Skelligs Wildlife- Top 15 Amazing Birds on Skellig Islands

#skelligs #islands #wildlifephotography #birds #boattrip  

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Puffins on the Skellig getting ready for their long journey-Taken on the 29th July

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#Photography- The Beauty of #Skellig #Islands in 25 stunning Images

Skellig Islands is a wonderful island that attracts people from all over the World. 25 #Pictures That Prove Skellig is the most beautiful Island in the Country.

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Humpback whales, #Bluefin tuna and thousands of seabirds viewed on the way home from the #Skelligs on the Sea Quest
Look closely at the sprat jumping out of the #water and you will see the Bluefin Tuna chasing them.
These #fish are weighing between 400 lbs to 500 lbs (180kg to 225 kg)
September 2015
2015 saw without doubt the most whale and dolphin activity in the Skelligs area.
#Whales seen in 2015 were Fin, Minke and Humpback


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Dolphins seen from the Sea Quest on an Eco Cruise around the Skelligs
Book an Eco Cruise at-

#dolphins #ecocruise #skelligs #skelligsrock #skelligsstarwars  

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Follow up footage on Extensive damage on Skelligs

#skelligs #skelligsvideos #skelligimages #ireland #footage  

Enjoy the stunning views on The Skelligs! At the top there are a number of perfectly preserved stone beehive huts which are hundreds of years old.

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The perfect day on the water with both Skellig Islands showing beautifully in the distance

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Enjoy the one of the most amazing places on earth. Visit
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