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To fight society i had to start getting in shape and playing sports. I hate society!
scratches temple about the placement of the word next
Nothing wron with being a geek in good shape who can defend yourself. ..both physically as well as in a duel of wits. The great thing about being a geek is that a duel of wits is your playground!
We never been put in a geek position as a woman.. that is why I'm saying I'm agree.. I'm in IT over 30 years by now:)
A well rounded geek will be able to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
The problem is you can't identify a geek on sight.
You can fit into the "standard" sexy and the geek sexy at the same time :)
+Adam Rouse Yeah but that's like to top 1%, which most geeks can't do, and most standards can't do either.
Yup! Also, the geek-look don't look good on everyone!
Sexy is overrated anyways. I'd rather be a geek.
Not that I have the choice :-)
I believe the image is saying that geeks are sexy for their mind. There is definitely something sexy/attractive about a smart person.
im confused but geek and sexy cant be matched
>calling yourself a geek

Stop it.
They realized finally lol
Is that real? Cauz I will convert

Like heck - geek has ALWAYS been sexy. :)
+Richard Millroy not true! The good ones prefer geeks.
You don't want the ones who won't appreciate brains.
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
People should think like that about themselves
They have been saying this for years. But if geek is sexy how come anti geek sells better. How come for stupid sells better. People are more interested in sex then they are geek. People in general hate geeks becuase they cannot understand them and many geeks have trouble communicating with non geeks.
Shut up, Raymond Lulling, and let the geeks of the world enjoy this without your criticism
Yes,people dislike geeks as "snobby Know it all's".And yes this is especially bad in high school and maybe college.But you should remember that the Ultimate Victory of the Geeks is also true story.So continue being geeky."Geeks shall inherit the earth"
I disagree because if da moks out dea u gon get likens
I was a geek before geek was fashionable. :)
"Geek" is not wearing thick rimmed glasses. (Especially when they're fake)
im not yelling my caps look was onnnnnnnn...
Why do the geeks get all the credit the funny people should
For example my teacher hates me cause I make people laugh! I state my case

Its funny you would say that because my daughter stepped out on the Geeky tip and people gave her props for her looks! She is so beautifull and geeky too but she's my world!
Stop being such a hipster. Buying shit off Thinkgeek does not make u a "geek" btw.
I was a geek & still am a geek. xD But I love it. I like anything geeky, especially tech. I can get that for breakfast. xD Haha.
I meant *eat that for breakfast. Haha. Fail. :(
It has always been, people just didn't know about it ;-)
That's meek will inherit the Earth +Apaar Shanker But the geek's are not far behind...sending a copy to a geek friend that will really enjoy this one and he will tell me about the above correction as a bad idea on my part he hates to be corrected ,because he is seldom wrong
Why is GEEK the new sexy
It's plain retarded (not tryin to hurt anyones feelings) all you have to do is feel sorry for them
It's their choice not ours
Yes I think the geek look on some is sexy as hell!
I was geek long before it was ever chic. Star Trek, comic books and D&D do not make one popular in high school.
Sadly its not geek that is sexy. Its geek look. Hence: hipsters.
i guess.. . . i mean, i still find geek a stereotype but if you dig it, you dig it
True Brandon
But it's retarded when they start talking and acting like one
A good mix is 50%swag 30%geek and 20%funny
There is a difference between being a geek and looking like one.
smiling geeks , yh their shit is the new trend setter
There is a difference between geek and nerd though Frank
Star Trek, comic books and D&D do make a nerd in high school. Of course a very great number of us are part geek part nerd. I would say I am about 50% Geek, 25% Nerd and 25%, for the lack of a better term, Jock.
It is your opinion
You can say watever u like but remember
It's their choice
I'm thinking of starting a circle called "THE TRUTH"
There was a time when I had no idea why girls would throw stones at my window, heh ;)
Douchebag glasses DO NOT equal Geek
this is not correct
Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalala any body wanna make fun of me yet!?!?!?!?!?
+jody Read I was going to correct you and say they are Hipster glasses, but then I realised Douchebag is an accurate synonym.
I think we all have a geek in us, however some hide it better then others.
Geek = Nerd - Social Ineptitude.
YES! I knew biting the heads off chickens at the circus would eventually get me laid!
it is the new style these days
Def agree w ya +Brian McGonagill and having a brain (covering plenty of subjects) and fitness/strength. Ignorants call it multiple personality bc they can't grasp the concept of Renaissance Men/Women. LMAO.
All i have to say is everybody is in there own way
Shoot me already god
You guys make no sense(to me)
Life is a joke remember that (in some situations)

So not true geek is the new geek so uhhhmmm yeah only people who r geeks say that so
black plastic glasses are the new sexy
look up on youtube Nerd it has to deal with this
I find a bit of humor that there are those that speak with condescension towards their peers that may have different interests and goals. They rationalize their differences as stupidity and then declare themselves great under the banner of a geek (aka circus freak).

It would do well to better understand individuals rather than marry yourself and others to a divisive label.
i think what they mean by "geek" is "attractive people who wear stupid thick-rimmed glasses".
My glasses have fallen apart, so I took two pen stems and used them for the legs of my glasses. I haven't decided whether it is genius, or extremely dorky, probably the latter.
nope, it's quickly becoming lame and pretentious with overuse
Bon ca y est... les geek son rendu populaire? I quit being geek.
Greek will always be sexy ;)
especially a GAY GEEK ;) i love me a geek!! suck dem balls
Well then that meas I am awesome but no worries because I always was.
Its about time someone found being intelligent, attractive
I have exactly the same glasses does that make me a geek
I have exactly the same glasses does that make me a geek
This glass reminds me of Drew Carey of whose line is it anyway fame!
Bien que les droits humains au Brésil sont très strictes, les gens commettent encore aux agresseurs l'esclavage et de drogues et d'armes à feu des combats, également la torture et beaucoup d'autres, la punition est sévère, mais la torture et tout ce qui précède se produisent encore, donc je pense que leur pays devraient renforcer leur force de police .
OMG my first pair of glasses in 3rd grade!
New?? What was I doing for the last 14 years ha 
Geek has always been sexy.
Dorks rule and gorks drool :D (a gork is a brain dead person)
New Sexy? shoot it's always been sexy lol
What have hipster glasses got to do with either of those things?
people wish thats true
Lol jk geeks arnt as cute as jocks
Love those glasses :))
nice, than i think am sexy
firstly, thats not geek, thats hipster. secondly 9/10 so called "geeks" are geeks just because it's fashionable, which, let's face it, is somewhat strange. It's the emo craze all over again jus tin different colors.
So if geek is the new sexy for you, then you are just another trend-driven mindless sheep of this world, that will forget geeks all over after few years, when some other poor subculture will get raped by the mainstream, which got too much f***ing mediocre, to invent anything new.
always like geeky women in bed, they love to experiment and really want to enjoy so if make me feel good when they love it with out faking it.
Beeing geeky isnt bad. Im the geekyest kid i know! Be u, be wild, and embrace ur inner geeky!!!!
Beeing geeky isnt bad. Im the geekyest kid i know! Be u, be wild, and embrace ur inner geeky!!!!
Beeing geeky isnt bad. Im the geekyest kid i know! Be u, be wild, and embrace ur inner geeky!!!!
Beeing geeky isnt bad. Im the geekyest kid i know! Be u, be wild, and embrace ur inner geeky!!!!
Beeing geeky isnt bad. Im the geekyest kid i know! Be u, be wild, and embrace ur inner geeky!!!!
Why don't Greek call for an independent investigation
Sexy and un-sexy, to be a geek the best of both worlds, lol!
Wish I could share a photo I've got those rims and my wife thinks i'm the sexiest person alive .NOT
if($posts == $script){echo "GEEK ALERT.....!!!!!"};
Glasses are good and look so sexy on everyone
True Indeed. it's the geek characteristics make them go one step further than others in any field.
+Sivan Rehan if geeks were sexy... then I a computer store technician and manager would be married. Proof lies in the evidence. Unfortunately the truth is jerks run the companies and and geeks end up working in the basement. I'm not there yet, but I'm sure the day is coming. Similar rule applies to why stores put young women out front, and every one else slaves away hidden out of sight.

Our customers hate geekish stuff. They like things to be packaged in neat little easy to swallow, and and cheep. Being a geek, is unfortunately only sexy to those who are already geeks or those who envy geeks. The rest hate us with passion. -sigh.
Being a Geek has always been sexy but not overtly until the last 5-10 years or so. It is great to see, slowly but surely, how this is changing to a new norm. Out of the basement Geeks!
Steve F
Soooo funny and true
Jbari is a geek and he is super sexy!!!!
I'm a geek I have glasses and braces
As Huey Lewis sings it's good to be square! ha lol
Geek in its traditional sense has always been and they don't even need thick rimmed glasses. Hipsters who become autogeek with thick rimmed glasses can only wish and pretend.
I've always known that, the rest of the world is just realizing...I'm too sexy for myself!
I am so privileged to be a man. So that I can be a geek!
Intelligence is attractive and welcomed! Geeks are one of a kind!
This is so stupid that I'm commenting on a random persons picture.
Tot i am 101% geek and i rock smart is the new awesome
Hella yeah
Kanye West popularized the nerd/preppy look in hip hop. About time that nerd start taking over.
Yeah 😃Us Geeks Are On 🔥!! Age Of The Greek Baby 😉
no i anint tat a damn lie just like when the doctor told me tat glasses r cool nowadays i sai d" yea righ"
1+ this comment if you've been sexy for a long time now. lol
im a geek but im not sexy im too ugly
Old still think about it while doing linux.
it only took 5000 years hahaha
I'm a geek (minus the snorting, glasses, freckles, and highwaters with suspenders) and all the girls in my classes say that i'm cute. SEXY cute.
What's the difference between geek and nerd?
What's the difference between geek and nerd?
"geek is the new sexy", ummm only a dork would say that
Great i must share this.
Thanks Sivan.
dude ilove the song im sexy and i know it by lmafo
Has anyone seen that cartoon comparing real geeks with what the cool people imagine they are when they try to look like them? I watched it in another post on G+ some weeks ago. I was going to post a link in this thread but I haven't been able find it.
BTW, I'm not a geek, I'm just an asocial guy with obsessive disorder.
Not really, but it will make allot of geeks feel good. Nothing can replace "real" coolness... lol
Or maybe it works because geeks are the new billionaires and billionaires are damn sexy, right! +1
Wow!! many sexy geeks here :))
i m a geek myself and i think we geek people just rock...
different strokes for different folks just be happy with ur self and the rest should follow
geek is NOT the new sexy. its always been sexy
Ok but it benn sexy sence the 80's I gess lol
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